Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!

Mila in “Shut up…” (7b).

Mila in “Shut up…” (7b).

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Miguel Navarro enjoys three-dimensional climbing in the...

Miguel Navarro enjoys three-dimensional climbing in the Trebena area of Geyikbayiri, Turkey,

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Would you—after a full week of work and studying—drive a cumulative 14-hours each weekend for just a day and half of climbing … on a route you were told would be just shy of impossible based on your height and gender?

Well, climber, full-time student, and coach Michaela Kiersch said yes to that question virtually every weekend this past fall, fully committing herself to one truly arduous drive and daunting climbing goal to match.

After no shortage of hard work in her academics and training life, this November, Michaela achieved the historic first female ascent of The Golden Ticket (5.14c)—one of the most iconic and difficult routes found in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.

In this week’s Friday Flick Pick, enjoy the beautifully captured production by Just Go Climb and Andy Wickstrom that shares Michaela’s story to send this incredibly proud line, and reminds us that achieving your climbing goals comes down to developing enough dedication, courage, and passion to see your dreams through.

If you’re not failing in climbing I don’t think you’re pushing yourself to your full capacity. You just have to accept the failure that comes with trying something that hard.

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Melissa Thaw, ScheelMelissa Thaw, Scheelite Canyon, California

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Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!Meet the BKBeasts Headed to Divisionals!
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Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn Boulders?

Franklin: I am an designer working towards my architecture license, specializing in fabrication and technology in Brooklyn. I enjoy new adventures, dancing, new cultural music and food. I enjoy having open conversation with family friends and even strangers. On my free time I enjoy cooking and learning new things.

I never knew about Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge until I met Mandy Mei. It was midday on my way to Best Buy I was with Anner. I was talking to him about my upcoming trip to the Virgin Island. As we entered best buy I went forward to go on and purchase a Go Pro for my trip to the VI but also needed a mount for the go pro. Anner and I was discussing which accessory will best fit. After five minutes of talking and trying to figure out which to buy, a voice we heard and said “you should buy that one it works very well”. Thats when we met Mandy, she was also purchasing a go pro because she was traveling as well. After introducing ourselves and talking for a while, we exchanged business cards and agreed we all three will meet again and go rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge. It was very exciting because I have never climbed before, and it was an amazing facility with great people and great vibes.

Anner: I originally come from the third moon in the upper echelons of the andromeda galaxy …..just kidding! I’m an aspiring architect who has a passion for natural geometrical structures found in nature and utilizing them to create smart forms. I was always gravitated towards understanding how things worked “under the hood”. Seeing the inner parts of how things move together to create a large movement gives me a sense of awe and feeling that that’s how the universe works. I love creating things through the means of computer programming algorithms because I can see how simple rules give rise to complex behavior similar to some systems found in nature.

"StratusQuo" by Anner Moore and Franklin Rojas“StratusQuo” by Anner Moore and Franklin Rojas

 How did you start climbing?

Franklin: After my first experience climbing it became a passion to me because what it had offered to me in life – it’s about what climbing brings to the mind, body and soul.

Anner: I started climbing when I was around eight. I would love going to the park and seeing the massive boulders growing out from the earth; my instincts told me to climb so I did. I was always fascinated with the idea that one can use their body in tandem with nature to reach new heights and ascend onto the heavens – it drives my passion for climbing.

How has climbing changed your life?

Franklin: Climbing has had a big impact in my life and continues to. Climbing wasn’t easy at first – just like life. I’ve learned and observed the idea behind climbing which helps me in life today. Climbing has pushed me not physically but more mentally, to think and understand the idea of getting to one point “the start of the wall” to the next point “the end of the wall”, but sometimes you can’t.

In life, we wish to succeed by starting something and getting it done but when we don’t we beat ourselves up because of the failure. Climbing doesn’t work that way. If you can’t get it done, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible, it simply takes time.

Climbing has shown me, “Failure is the path to success” to succeed you must accept failure, because to say, I don’t want to fail, is to say you don’t want to succeed.

Anner: When I climb I feel comfortable in my environment, I feel at home when I begin to grab hold of the rocks and they project their love back. Climbing has changed my social interactions with others, because when you’re climbing with others alongside you and you’re all trying to figure out the routes there is a sensation of cohesiveness. You become a community of like-minded people trying to become better. The push others give to complete obstacles you really gives you the sense that they care about you and want to see you succeed, it’s all fun and play!

I love going to BKB and seeing new and familiar faces, you truly feel like a part of a family working together for one goal of making climbing awesome.

What are your current biggest projects, on and off the wall?

Franklin: On the wall: I am looking forward to learn new styles and forms of climbing to push myself and complete challenging levels of bouldering and climbing. Off the wall: I am working on expanding my freelance design fabrication build company. One of the goals of my company is to develop new ideas to propose and have exhibited in a museum in NYC.

Anner: My current biggest project off the wall is developing my own center to re-energize people through various natural techniques unbeknownst to society for instance binaural audio relaxation, electro-magnetic therapy and sun gazing. Recharging the body is crucial to sustain happiness, motivation and excitement in our lives and I just want to make others feel their best everyday.

As for on the wall, I plan on climbing in a different country by the end of the year. I read through many climbing magazines and become inspired by seeing others ascend these massive faces of sheer awe that I wish I were them at that moment. There’s so much rock out there and I want to feel them all, haha!

Who or what inspires you?

Franklin: Honestly, life inspires me, all the people I know and those who I’ve met. They bring me joy and to know that, not only can they impact and inspire me but I myself can inspire them and be a impact to their life.
Anner: One of my biggest inspirations is when design comes from nature. I try to figure out ways of incorporating the ethereal flow that certain natural systems have and revamp them into my own designs to have people become aware of the underlying consciousness that nature has embedded within her fabric to create the beauty we see around us. I want to give others understanding and inspiration, to have their very own creative juices flowing in order for them to begin sharing their inner art. It’s also a must that I listen to music while I design, moving to the beats and feeling the frequency gives me energy and puts me into a state of bliss that keeps the juices in my brain flowing.

Follow Anner and Franklin on Instagram, say hi to them at BKB and don’t miss our upcoming InARTguration Art show on January 19, where we’ll be showcasing their piece at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge!


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Me and my SubconscioMe and my Subconscious.

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When it comes to training endurance for long sport routes, one of the most effective strategies is performing power endurance circuits with set rest times.  This kind of high end or advanced endurance training is highly effective as it mimics […]

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marcommarco:Maja Vidmar on Dinosaur Highway  5.14a - (8b+) Ph...


Maja Vidmar on Dinosaur Highway  5.14a - (8b+)
Ph Peruzzo

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marcommarco:Kant Trzech Nierobów 6c+


Kant Trzech Nierobów 6c+

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marcommarco:Caroline Ciavaldini


Caroline Ciavaldini

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marcommarco: via Cousin Trestec


via Cousin Trestec

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marcommarco: twoseconds photography


twoseconds photography

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marcommarco: Sasha DiGiulian


Sasha DiGiulian

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quando sei davvero forte puoi anche provare a fare un 7a coi guantoni da boxe o un 8b in ciabate (pelose). Noi no.

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marcommarco: Laura Rogora - Laura su Grandi Gesti (ph. arch....


Laura Rogora - Laura su Grandi Gesti (ph. arch. Rogora)

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marcommarco: Jasmin Caton, 5.10d  Ph Andrew Burr via...


Jasmin Caton, 5.10d 
Ph Andrew Burr via

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marcommarco: Coin climbs Mojo Chaji (5.12a), a Cronin route. Ph...


Coin climbs Mojo Chaji (5.12a), a Cronin route.
Ph Andrew Burr
via Black Diamond

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