Chocholowska Valley - longest and biggest valley in polish Tatra Mountains. It's 10km long valley and it's situated near Witów village, about 10km west from Zakopane city and about 100km south from Cracow. At the south end of valley on Polana Chocholowska is situated a mountain hut. Washing...


For anyone who is a diehard boulderer, the thought of tying in and being able to pull hard on moves after anything more than several feet of climbing can be extremely daunting.  No matter how easy the moves feel in […] The post Andy Burgress: Bouldering to Sport Climbing appeared first ...


The Access Fund: As the popularity of Joe’s Valley continues to rise, increased climber traffic is causing some extreme environmental impacts that could threaten access if not addressed. …snip… The planning process will continue throughout 2015, with a final plan ready for rollout in early 20...


Alex Honnold on Too Big to Flail (V10 or 5.13c/d) in Bishop Read more Climbing Need To Rest - Red Rock Canyon NCA, Las Vegas, NV Read more It has been an amazing week at the World ...


Did you hear? Strong is the new skinny. Read more Foxy Fridays: Natalie Duran: Thank you for the nomination and the best captured words Valarie Tes Anderson! Here is an interview piece I had with Flash Foxy. I talk about one time a tre...


Scrambling the final portion of the southwest ridge on Mt. Sneffels. We went up via the southwest ridge and down the standard Lavender Couloir. The climb was super enjoyable class 3 scrambling, sometimes exposed, which I like. However, the entire descent down the couloir I couldn’t help but ...


First came the original GriGri prototype, then the GriGris 1 and 2, and now finally, Petzl’s 2017 GriGri + … the next iteration of... The post New 2017 Petzl GriGri + (Plus) Review and Comparison appeared first on Moja Gear. Read more


  The boulders in Quebec’s Val-David never cease to amaze me. I still haven’t had the chance to make a visit, but it’s on the agenda this spring. Read more It’s the time of the season when the bouldering competitions get into action.  Competito...


Alex Thompson on Pocket Pool, a classic v4 at Stonefort!   Read more Oh, just @kaaylozano yesterday, casually sending her first problem outside, I am so psyched I had to post it as well ‘A climbing trip to Wales is inevitably an ...


Wspinanie w Sardynii. Jurassic Park (Tertenia) - Dillosauro - 60m - 6b+ max, 6b Read more While the ocean inspires and intimidates me, these mountain waters soothe my soul. Tuolumne, CA.Photo: James Lucas Read more http://ninaw...


affectionatesuggestion: We’re laying in bed. You’re holding me close. I have my head is buried in your chest. I take in your scent. This is home. Read more Amy Lynn working the incinerator in Holcomb valley Read more&nbs...


Roadside Basic 7A+/V7 at Cromlech bouldering in north wales. Weird climb really, I always tried to shy away from it as it was just so sharp but I thought it was finally time; went really smooth thanks to this training program we’ve started. With the new release of the North Wales guide its gonna ...

We set a super fun partner climb at Black Rock last week! Be...

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‪Last day of training before the Vail World Cup ☺️ Feeling strong!‬

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“Climbing Against the Odds” Arc’Athlete Craig DeMartino talks with about his career including being the first amputee climber to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in under a day.

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Yosemite - Taft Point "The Pointy Part" 5.12a

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wild hiking essentials

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We set a super fun partner climb at Black Rock last week! 

Be sure to give it a try if you’re in the gym :)

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We know where he'll spend most of his dog days! So cute!

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Lately, the response time surfing on 8a has been rather slow. We have asked our server provider to increase the capacity so that problem should be solved soon.

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Vertigo - Sean Leary, pitch 23, NE ridge of Ulvetanna, Antarctica. Taken from 'The Last Great Climb'.

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US Bouldering Champ, & 2014 WC runner-up ~ Alex Puccio {started climbing when she was 13yrs old} ♥ ...

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Took up rock climbing a month ago and try to do it daily. Not only is it fun, it's a great workout

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The Gunks, NY. Shockley's Ceiling. Goes at only 5.6!

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The freedom of soloing. Although I could never do it at a high level, I can appreciate the drive and mental strength needed to practice this.

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The IFSC Speed World Cup, originally scheduled for July 12-13th, has been cancelled. Due to unforeseen financial circumstances, the FFME has regretfully informed the IFSC that it will not be able to host the Speed World Cup in Chamonix. The organisers advise all National Federations and Competitors that the Lead World Cup will continue as planned. It is possible that the timetable for the lead competition will be adjusted. Should there be any changes these will be made available as soon as possible.
An email update has been sent to all National Federations and the event has been removed from the calendar. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the IFSC office.

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Carl Lovers Leap Arete

Carl Bullock puts his training program to the test on Nirvana, 5.11+, Lover’s Leap, CA.

“Oh, this hold IS bad. You never know with you!”

For years, the sport climbing at Red Rocks stifled me. Some people like to go on and on about how soft the grades are there, but I couldn’t have disagreed more. Grades I could onsight at steeper, juggier areas, I couldn’t even do on top rope at Red Rocks, for one small reason: crimps. Superman has kryptonite, and I have crimps.

I’ve always felt weak on crimps, and a string of frustrating and puzzling finger injuries finally spurred me to address this glaring weakness in the summer of 2014. Realizing I needed to focus all my energy on getting stronger, more injury-proof fingers, I started a dedicated hangboarding training program, and also made it a goal to seek out crimpy routes in order to improve.

On my last trip to Red Rocks, I was out sport climbing with a friend who has seen me have some epically hard times on crimpy routes that were well within the grade range I typically climb. I was climbing a route I’d never been on, trying to figure out the sequence, and the beta I was using involved a small crimp. It felt hard for the grade, but the problem with being crimping-impaired is it’s difficult to tell if you are doing it wrong, or if using the crimp really is the beta and you just suck at crimping and that’s why it feels hard.

After I came down, Emily went up and checked out my sequence, proclaiming “Oh, this hold IS bad, you never know with you!” Which might sound harsh, but she had seen me struggle mightily in the past on things that she had easily walked up. We figured out some alternate beta, and it turns out you didn’t have to use the crimp after all.

Moving to another cliff, I sent a few routes I’d only ever looked at and wondered what it would be like to climb. It was incredibly motivating to have such tangible results of all the hard work I’d been putting into my training and trying to work my weakness.

The rest of the trip was fun, with new possibilities suddenly open where before there had only been road blocks. Driving home I reflected on how rad it was that I could actually sport climb in Red Rocks closer to the same level I do at home, which for me is a HUGE improvement. Putting in numerous days on the hangboard, crushing your core, it’s not always obvious how much it’s actually doing for your climbing, but suddenly I had undeniable results right in front of me. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll even be able to crimp like a real boy!

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Adam Ondra says on Facebook, "We can only discuss whether the free-solo climbing is good or not, whether we should write about it or not… Anyway, it takes tremendous amount of courage to free-solo “Freerider”. From my point of view, it is easier to solo 9a sport route than this one."

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If you are looking for a way to diversify your strength and power training, systems wall and symmetrical training are a great option.  The benefit of these training techniques is that unlike hangboarding and campus boarding they involve actual climbing movement […]

The post Neil Gresham: Systems Wall and Symmetrical Training appeared first on Training for Rock Climbing - TrainingBeta.

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Climbing in Krabi, Thailand

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