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Along with Squamish Access Society president Jeremy Smith, Marc-Andre Leclerc is headlining the locals’ evening at the Squamish Mountain Festival. recently caught up with Marc to get a preview of what he might be talking about at the festival and what else the young Arc’teryx ...


black + white Sierra Blair-Coyle Photo: EMOM Photo PROFESSIONAL ROCK CLIMBER Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, 23-year-old Sierra Blair-Coyle has been competing professionally since the age of 14.  Voted one of the Top 99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015 by AskMen, she has also been a World...


Editor’s note: about once or twice per month, we’ll republish an older piece of content that’s exceptionally well done and that we feel deserves some extra attention. This article was originally published October 8, 2015. Have you ever found yourself thinking, If only I were ...


I couldn’t resist posting this today…because training isn’t always pretty I think it’s time to head back to Flagstaff soon :) Photo: Sendaholic Read more Hello, September! Hello, Brooklyn being back to normal....


claire-bukowski: GUESS WHAT!? You can now get 10% off your ENTIRE order from @SoiLL with code “CBTH10” at check out! claire-bukowski: Getting all twisted up on Breaking Away (5.13b) a couple days ago. Cheers to good friends! Going to miss spending every day in the north cascade mou...


…falling with style 2 notesTagged as: #bouldering     Read more womenrockclimbing twol: [instagram][photo]Can’t wait to go climbing with my #womancrusherwednesday @harmonycalhoun !! Such a bad ass chick! She also just ...


I have to admit, when I first saw the Black DiamondPipe Dream, I thought it was just a gimmick that all the cool kids in Rifle were sporting. I mean, it looked unnecessarily large and bulky, and why would I need a mini-crash pad for sport climbing? And then I got one, and my perspective was chang...


Cullins, Isle of Skye Read more Don't WISH for it WORK for it! #outdoors#climbing#motivation#inspiration#climb#escalar#klettern Read more DSC01594 Read more htt...


The happiest place for me ☺️ Read more Read more chrisburkard: A colorful oasis deep within Arizona’s desert. Read more http:/...


Wall pics generously shared by Rene Keyzer-André and Margarita Martinez My Home Rock Climbing Wall Just Got A Whole Lot Smaller Months ago I was so content with my basement home rock climbing wall, neatly tucked into a cozy corner of a windowless room. Now thanks to walls like this one built by ...


Climbing walls are becoming the new fitness regime for those who are bored of pumping iron. Read more Climbing with Long hair Read more Climbing, Jain Kim of Korea Read more ...

Metolius Ultralight Master Cam 5-Pack


35 Awesome Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners, From The Adventure Junkies

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In this video, veteran climber Beth Rodden explains three different methods for building a trad anchor, based on varying circumstances of rock that you...

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2017 Vail World Cup:

Check out my blog on the Vail World Cup!

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Alex Puccio, who was #4 in the Vail WC has done her 19th 8B, Bear Toss in RMNP. She has also done two 8B+ and she is the female who has done most hard core boulders in the world.

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Tumblr Os1biqfnQ71r5xw8eo1 500

#ThrowbackThursday to the Vail World Cup a few weeks ago! Good luck to everyone competing in India this weekend ☺️ #ifscWC

#DefendersOfFun is a look into the adventurous lives of outdoor advocates working to better the outdoor community and protect the wild places we have fun in. Their stories, their words. Share your outdoor story on Instagram @DefendersOfFun #DefendersOfFun.

“I like to joke that in Boulder, Colorado, half of my neighbors are ultrarunners and rest are pro climbers. It is a little nutty, and quite frankly, it can be a bit intimidating. But it’s also really cool to be surrounded by like-minded people — we all care about the outdoors. We’re all up at the crack of dawn, bagging peaks or logging miles before work.

I credit my dad with my love for the wild. He didn’t remain a huge part of my life in later years, but he taught me to paddle, how to start fires, and the beauty of type two fun.

“I worry that the outdoor industry faces the same glass ceiling as tech or science.”

My mom is this total badass who pretty much raised me on her own, and my grandma and aunts also played major roles in my upbringing. It’s a loud, opinionated family of mostly women that taught me how hard work can take you anywhere, regardless of where you come from or your gender.

I’d love to see that focus on strong women in all areas of my life, including within the industry that I work. I’m the senior editor for REI’s Adventure Projects and the founder of the women’s newsletter Sticks & Stones. I also dabble in trail running, climbing, and backpacking (and my campfire breakfast burrito game is on point — not to brag).

REI’s Force of Nature Campaign was born out of a true desire to overcorrect a problem that we’ve all seen in the outdoor space for so long. The focus really is on women, and I know that the company practices what it preaches. There’s much more work to be done in the industry as a whole, but I think this is a step in the right direction. Any platform that we can give women of the outdoors to speak out and help other women feel more included and appreciated is a good one. Women make up half of the population on this planet. They deserve equal pay, equal credit for their accomplishments, and equal access to the outdoors.

4 Near Wanaka New Zealand Photo By Richard Cammett

I think that a lot of times, when people hear ‘sexism,’ they imagine men’s-only races or something along those lines. But sexism also appears in subtler forms — pay gap, fewer female leaders in the outdoor space, objectification of female athletes — and that’s what I try to focus on when I give talks on sexism in the outdoors with my fellow speaker Sarah Knapp. Sometimes being aware of a problem is enough to help self-correct in the future.

“We’ve come a long way since the NPS required women to wear skirts as part of their uniforms.”

Obviously there are female crushers, but I worry that the outdoor industry faces the same glass ceiling as tech, science, and many other historically male-dominated areas. We’ve come a long way since the National Park Service required women to wear skirts as part of their uniforms, but it doesn’t feel equal quite yet. Men still earn more than women. There’s often a certain “bro culture” surrounding a lot of outdoor activities. Micro aggressions are a very real thing that many women face every day. I hope that the more we can draw attention to powerful female figures in the outdoor industry, the smaller that gender gap gets.

Sticks & Stones is my weekly newsletter on women in the outdoors, and it was born out of frustration. It’s easy to feel like most of the stories you’re reading are focused on men. There are so many rad women out there who climb, run, ski, and bike just as hard— often harder — and I found myself purposely seeking out articles about female athletes and women’s issues in the outdoors and sharing those stories with my friends. So, I thought, Why not create a more public space where people could come to read those stories, instead of having to sift through dozens of websites on their own?

The name itself, Sticks & Stones, is based on that children’s saying: ‘Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ It’s meant to imply that these women are out there in the wild regardless of the historically sexist culture of the outdoors. My newsletter is a way to remind myself and my readers that there are plenty of women doing rad things and that we are not alone in our love for dirt, sweat, and sore muscles.

I’m also the co-founder of the Outdoor Women of Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s editors are vastly male and, unfortunately, this disparity seeps into the entries on the website. If you compare the entry on the first man to reach the North Pole to that of Ann Bancroft, the first woman to do so, you’ll find her page is maybe quarter of the length of his.

“If you compare the entry on the first man to reach the North Pole to the first woman’s, her page is a quarter of the length.”

Some women and organizations, like Blair Braverman (the badass dogsledder and nonfiction writer) or the Outdoor Women’s Alliance (a nonprofit aimed at getting more women outdoors) are missing entirely. As my partner and co-founder Kassondra Cloos says, Wikipedia has become a sign of importance. If you search someone’s name and a Wiki page pops up, that’s a clue that that person is famous or has had a serious impact on the world. If nothing comes up, that indicates the opposite.

By hosting ‘edit-a-thons’ and adding more outdoor women to Wikipedia, we hope that we can shed light on the those who have come before us and helped pave the way for us in the outdoors. We hosted our second edit-a-thon in late May, and there will be more in the future. We meet at a brewery, bring laptops, and spend time both learning how to add pages and editing existing ones on Wikipedia. Then, we divide and conquer a list of women whose pages need updating or don’t exist at all.

Adding to Wiki is definitely a process, and it often takes ongoing revisions before a page is pushed live. The local Wikipedia volunteers have been kind enough to lend their time and skills to help us teach others the best practices for getting new content into the online encyclopedia, which makes the chances of one of our pages making the cut significantly better. Because this is an ongoing effort that’s never really done, Kassondra and I hope that those who attend our edit-a-thons will not stop editing and adding after they leave the brewery, but continue to do so on their own time. I’ve found that adding a rad outdoor woman to Wikipedia feels a lot more productive than getting lost in Facebook stalking or falling down a Reddit rabbit hole at 2AM.

6 Climbing In Acadia NPS Photo By Marcus BasiriIMG 8234

So far, we’ve expanded the pages of athletes and brands like Lynsey Dyer, Shannon Galpin, and Patagonia. We’ve added pages for figures like Clare Marie Hodges (the first paid female park ranger) and Angel Collinson.

I certainly haven’t earned a Wiki page yet, but one day, if someone were to write one about me, I’d hope it would include any work I’d done to make the outdoors a more inclusive space because being outside is human, open to anyone and everyone, and a whole lot of fun.”

Abigail Wise, as told to Dirtbag Darling

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“When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.”
- Stevie Nicks (via yesdarlingido)

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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
- Howard Thurman (via floranymph)

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Mountain Climbing by Oman Tourism, via Flickr

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Most amazing pics

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The Diamond on Long’s Peak in Colorado stands as one of the greatest testing grounds for difficult, alpine rock climbing. And for Madaleine Sorkin, a Colorado-based climber...

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Lynn Hill is a badass climber, and she's also physically one of the tiniest women I have ever met. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak in Tahoe a couple of years ago. She's really a pioneer in climbing and was the first women to climb "the nose" on El Cap at Yosemite.

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Liam Vance, who previously has done four 8B's, does his fifth through a great flash of Sky in Rocklands which originally was put up as an 8B+. Instagram video "Sky was a boulder I dreamed about trying for 8 years or so since I first saw it on video. It suites me very well as I like to climb dynamically and I'm pretty tall. Still I didn't think I could flash it until I somehow stayed on the rock through the second swing and stuck the final jug. I'm still shocked that my 8 year dream came true with a flash."

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Just like rolling out of the top bunk at summer camp...

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Six oxen, seven boxes of bullets, two broken axels, 700 pounds of food, and one case of dysentery.

When I was young and impressionable and heavily invested in the success of my time on the Oregon Trail (the computer game, not the real thing), I became infatuated with beef jerky. My friends and I would pretend to survive off dried meat, stale bread and cheese during recess (a game that seems both morbid and endearing looking back).

Gall Tetons 69 Of 120

Today is National Jerky Day, and, while less fascinated by dried meat these days, I’m equally appreciative for it.

  • It’s a ubiquitous treat, easily found anywhere from a small-town gas station to Whole Foods. This is important, as many of my dream trips involve traveling to places where fresh, portable, healthy snacks aren’t available.
  • It’s a quick source of protein, low in fat and calories, and keeps well (just ask Annie….no wait, she’s dead. Snakebite).
  • Jerky is easy to pack, easy to eat, requires no refrigeration, and is backpack, dry bag, back-pocket stable.
  • It’s hearty and delicious, and easier for me to stomach while exerting myself.

Gall Tetons 61 Of 120

But above all, I appreciate simplicity in every facet of my life. KRAVE Jerky has no synthetic ingredients, minimal processing, no nitrites, no MSG, and no corn syrup. Just the things naturally found in whole-muscle cut meat, sea salt and celery seeds. KRAVE is one of my favorite options because it’s less tough than other brands, and because of the flavor selection: Basil Citrus, Black Cherry BBQ, Grilled Sweet Teriyaki, Lemon Garlic, and more.

Gall Tetons 70 Of 120

Who knows if I’ll ever cross the country with my oxen and my seven boxes of bullets. But if I do, well, I know just the road snack.


Created in partnership with KRAVE Jerky. Thank you for supporting Dirtbag Darling!

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6d9ac20f8967681bf4f1ad2eef6f1660I've never seen columnar basalt do this. Very cool looking cave.

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Ff10c3b2c8148b5089cc9126394f6f10Horizontal climbing... Can't wait til I'm strong enough for this!

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5bfed0ab6efd3462fceed949dc9cd544Hinterstoisser's traverse. Unbelievable climbs on the Eiger.

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Tumblr Oreo6eo6KW1r5xw8eo1 500

Got a quick session in at Movement this morning before my flight home! I loved getting on all of the World Cup style boulders!

This giveaway will run for two weeks and the winner will be contacted and posted to this page. To participate, click the button saying ENTER TO...

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Tumblr Or3jjbsHcE1tk91bqo2 1280

Fun with Timer Photos.  We are idiots.

Tumblr Or3jjbsHcE1tk91bqo3 1280

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Livre Arbítrio 7a (5.11c/d), Belchior, Goiás, Brazil.

Photo by Lucas Castor @Lucascastor
[Rock Climber ● Yasmin Nogueira]

#WomenRockClimbing #Climber #Climbing #Boulder #Bouldering #RockClimbing #Adventures #Photographer #Photooftheday #Womenwhocrush #StrongWomen #Cliff #Climber #Climb #Mountains #Inspiration #Inspired #ClimbingArea #Belchior #Brazil

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Tumblr Nn4i92x8p41usbwfso1 500


If no one thinks you can, then you have to!
Photo by Andrew Burr
[ Rock Climber ● Jacinda Hunter ] @jacindahunter

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61e23832cbcfea0de0ec614082e1d90aFollowing roof pitch, Salathe Wall

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05c4b3295772003de8fa92900d9a8a29Florence Pinet, Baile Herculano, Roumanie, escalade, rock climbing, souplesse, femme © Vallot

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7c131adc1e650f5a051fa1be31053c1fEscalada en el Fitz Roy,

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76d73f908f084f283c73781e31e52ffeEl escalador británico John Roberts en Sudáfrica.

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