Training with an extra 8 lbs on today

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Zion at sunset- what a beautiful part of the world! I need to come back here with more time.

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When you spill your rice bucket

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What you get when you set up a long exposure and then accidentally fall asleep haha. Luckily my camera saves whatever it’s got before the battery dies… this was about an hour and a half. Facing north from Dionosio Point at the tip of Galiano Island.

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Speed returns and Lead climbing makes its 2017 debut next week in Villars, Switzerland, and members of the media are encouraged to attend the event.

Event media may apply here for media accreditation at Tumblr OmvnivZjny1s61mobo1 500, taking place on July 7th-8th. Upon completing the form, the submission will be reviewed and an email granting/denying accreditation will be sent within 24 hours. Registration will be closed 1 week before the event for TVs and 2 days for other media.

Press badges and jackets may be picked up in the media corner of the competition venue starting at 8am on July 7th.  For any questions, please contact Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript..

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Turns out you can still climb in Squamish when it’s pouring rain! Here’s David getting on a dry climb last Wednesday at nightmare rock in Murrin Park.

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Training with an extra 8 lbs on today

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The wild and beautiful Pacific Northwest
(aka more fun on rope swings)

Mystic Beach, Juan de Fuca Trail.
West Coast of Vancouver Island BC Canada

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The Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada USA

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The True North Strong and Free

St. Mark’s Summit, North Shore Mountains, BC Canada

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This is not your usual “climbing” film; in fact, it’s hardly about climbing at all … at least in our everyday understanding of the...

The post The Last Honey Hunter: Behind the Scenes with Renan Ozturk & Mark Synnott in Nepal appeared first on Moja Gear.

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Visualize with me for a moment. Pick any climbing video from the archive in your brain where those with a more responsible hippocampus have...

The post The Joys of Moderate Multi-Pitch … and How You Can Enjoy It, Too! appeared first on Moja Gear.

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Thank you so much Victoria for making this book and sending it to me! I love it so much

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Taken on the way up Mt. Sir Donald in Rogers Pass.

Climbed it in the summer of 2014 via the Northwest Ridge, a classic and fantastic route!

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Swinging out over the waves at Mystic Beach. My feet got a little wet…

Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

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Squamish season is here :) Despite a rainy forecast, Shell and I still managed to sneak in a great day of climbing on (mostly dry) rock at the Smoke Bluffs on Saturday.

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It was Olympic Day on Friday, June 23, and the Sport Climbing community joined in the celebration.

Since the first Olympic Day in 1948, the event has developed into the only annual worldwide celebration of the Olympic Movement and is a day to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to the multitude of activities organized by 108 National Olympic Committees so far across all five continents, the Olympic Movement’s digital platforms have all been in Olympic Day mode in order to reach out to its millions of fans.

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Sport Climbers around the globe shared photos and videos of their #OlympicDay sporting moments on social media as well. At IFSC World Cup Navi Mumbai, athletes and organisers in India kicked off the weekend of Bouldering by together forming the olympic rings with hoola hoops.

Reigning Combined world champion Sean McColl of Canada, President of the IFSC Athletes' Commission, shared a video of his indoor climbing to commemorate the occasion, and Lead star Stefano Ghisolfi of Italy shared a previous climbing achievement in Xiamen, China.

2017 IFSC IOC Olympic Day Stefano Ghisolfi

For more information on this year's Olympic Day, please visit the IOC website here.

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Shell coming up pitch 3 of Calculus Crack Monday evening. This was one of the very first routes I ever led trad on years ago and I finally led the crux, yay! These long days have been great for after-work climbing sessions :)

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Rae crushing it on lead, as usual!

Red Rock Canyon National Park, Nevada USA

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Putting in some real try hard on “Don’t Peace Me Out Yo, Jimmy Simmons” (V9)