Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

Garnbret and McColl on top in Villars Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news climberyogi: Getting high up on Mr. Peebles, V6 in Virgin...
Getting high up on Mr. Peebles, V6 in Virgin Gorda. Although the business is down low my knee is still not ready for that kind of impact, so naturally I’m a little gripped ;) love it ! Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Forearms porn !
Forearms porn ! Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news
While our Speed athletes take a break from the World Cup, the best Lead athletes in the world return to France on July 22nd-23rd for the third event of 2016 in Briançon.
Briançon is a small commune in southeastern France near the France-Italy border. Since 2010, Briançon has gathered top Lead athletes from around the globe for competition climbing. This year, the highest city in France welcomes a new set of inspirational climbers for its sixth IFSC Lead World Cup.
Semi-Finals are scheduled for July 22 at 19:30 (GMT+2), and Finals are at the same time on July 23. Don't miss the live streaming, and be sure to visit the dedicated event page for further information and updates.
Hi Steph!
First I wanted to say I have been thoroughly enjoying your van life posts! My boyfriend and I are on a 5 year plan to save enough, buy a van, and head out on the road for a year, and your posts are excellent inspiration/education. I was wondering though, I saw you used to have a Honda Fit. When you were living out of your Fit, were you able to get to all the locations you wanted? I too have a Fit and although I will push the limits of its minimal clearance, I don’t think it would make it into some of the campsites at Indian Creek or down the rocky roads of Last Chance Canyon or Enchanted Tower. I’d love to hear how you dealt with the clearance issue.
Hi Diana,
The Fit is such a wonderful vehicle, but sadly it is seriously lacking in offroad capability  You’ll be fine on groomed dirt roads, but definitely not on anything that requires any type of clearance (as you know…..)
I was briefly wondering if you could put a lift kit on it, but was quickly informed by all that this is a completely ridiculous idea, and also that part of its great fuel performance comes from being very low to the pavement. Oh.
Your only choices are to put a bike rack on the roof and bring a mountain bike, or to join forces with others and get a ride into the really rough areas. The good news is there are tons of amazing places that don’t require 4wd access, so it’s not like you’ll run out of good places 
The way I ultimately solved the clearance problem was that I kept my Ford Ranger. I bought the Fit used in 2012 because I had to get a second head replacement done on the Ranger at 180,000 miles, and the mechanic told me not to expect much more than 200,000 out of it at all. This was a pretty rude shock to me! I decided that rather than replacing the Ranger with something more expensive like a Tacoma, I’d get the Fit and save the Ranger for when I really need 4WD to get somewhere or to haul something. When you live in Moab, there are times you need a truck, like it or not.
Since I don’t drive it much, I’m expecting the Ranger to last me forever now. But this has also shown me that 95% of the places I go are accessible with the Fit
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Once a month, we’ll pick a few problems of a recent reset at one of our gyms and give you some beta to try out. While there are multiple ways to crush a problem, if these are giving you a hard time, try this beta on for size.
In this episode, we are featuring the Boston-Dedham, MA Gym’s new set on section 2.
Route Setter, Danny Howard “DH” jet sets to our Boston-Dedham location to lend a hand while Julia Broderick sends a V2 set by Perrin Allen, “PA,” Emily Mischler sends a V4 set by Keith Nadeau, “KN,” and Mike Paukner sends a V6 set by Michael Oliver, “MoMo.”
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The Lead Finals for the Women wrapped up in identical fashion to Chamonix due to the same two-hand dynamic move to slopers near the Top.
A countback to Semi-Finals earned Anak Verhoeven of Belgium another Silver and Jain Kim a third-place finish, while Austrians Jessica Pilz and Magdalena Röck missed out on the podium. Only Garnbret left the crowd speechless by fighting the pump until one move from the Top.
Many strong climbers missed the Men’s Final, including Chamonix winner Domen Skofic of Slovenia. Sean Baily impressed the crowd early on in his first Finals, but Frenchman Thomas Joannes and Keiichiro Korenaga of Japan snagged one sloper more, with Korenaga taking Silver in a countback to the Semi-Finals. It was the first World Cup medal for them both. In the end, only McColl reached the top panel for Gold.
The complete report, pictures, video replays and highlights can be found on the dedicated event page.
Once again, here at Climberism, we got to try out some Cypher Climbing gear: the Vesta Sport Quickdraw!   What better timing than right at the start of sport climbing season to put these new quickdraws to work.  The Vesta draws come in a wire-gate or solid-gate carabiner on the rope clipping end with a 12 cm sling between the carabiners.  One of the aspects I really like about this quickdraw is the wide sling with replaceable rubber o-rings that keeps the draw from flipping/twisting while clipping.
We were really stoked to see the keylock system employed on the bent and straight gates (excluding the wire-gate) of the Vesta.  The keylock system is pretty rad because it prevents snagging while clipping and route cleaning.  After using the Vesta sport quickdraws for a week at RRG alongside my Black Diamond and Petzl draws, I really didn’t find any difference in the functionality or performance among them.
The biggest difference with the Cypher Vesta is the price.  Ringing in at 16-17 greenbacks per draw, it beats the competition by about 6-8 bucks.  On a dirtbag income, this is quite the benefit.  Check out the comparison chart below for a few more stats on similar name brand quickdraws. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Gear Review: Cypher Vesta Sport Quickdraw

Overall, the Cypher Vesta Sport Quickdraw appears to be quite worthy to be clipped alongside the other reliable quickdraw brands.  Check out to check out the rest of their gear.
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