Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

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Uh oh! I'm back at it, guys! Now that my daughter is back in school a couple of hours a week, I'm hoping to get back in the blogging saddle and have some articles posted every now and then. So let's kick things off with a Sending Sisters profile!
This week's Sending Sister hails from the northeast. She has been highly involved in the climbing community, helping revitalize the Rumney Climbers Association, all while finding the time to crush rocks outside. Internet, I introduce to you, Rose Kenny!
_______________________________________ Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Rose Kenny
I have been fortunate to represent Evolv for over ten years on the grass roots, regional and now the national team. Evolv has developed an exceptional business model in the US and abroad, and they have always had a true passion for supporting their customers and athletes. In my opinion Evolv’s unique and personal partnership with athletes at the very start helped them become game changers in the industry. The Shaman and Nexxo demonstrate true skill in shoe design and are my go-to shoes. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Rose Kenny
I started climbing fourteen years ago in Western Massachusetts. I was twenty-two and had not really been drawn into athletics beyond short hikes and a quick experience with road biking; I had never committed myself to anything for the long term. I simply did not know what my ability would be as a climber, but I new instantly after my first session that I was interested in pursuing this further. After a lot of hard work and time spent climbing with friends at my local gym, I went outside and explored my local crags. During my first five years climbing I met some wonderful people and traveled the US. I learned how to project routes, how to give a dynamic belay and how to come together with a multitude of people and personalities that exist at the cliff. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Rose Kenny
I am fortunate to live 15 minutes from Rumney, NH. It is a very popular climbing destination, and one that is seeing more visitors every year. The original developers of Rumney, Team Tough and others, have created a world class-climbing destination that is virtually free for us all to utilize and explore. I am a director and president of the Rumney Climbers Association. In 2007, I attended a RCA meeting to help solve a minor issue at the crag and befriended Bob Bruemmer. For many years the RCA was officially comprised of one individual, Bob. He trusted me and together we worked to reorganize the RCA. Beyond our initial collaboration we found other folks that assisted in revitalizing the RCA, and we created a new board of directors, became a nationally recognized 501c3, renewed partnerships with the American Alpine Club and Access Fund as well as the Forest Service, and we began to reengage volunteers in our local community. It has been a lot of work administratively, and I feel that the RCA is now in place where we can begin to take on more volunteers and tackle larger projects. I have personally logged hundreds of volunteer hours and have raised over ten thousand dollars for the RCA. I have just a few months left in my tenure as president, and I hope to do as much as for the community as I can. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Rose Kenny
My greatest climbing accomplishment was when I returned from 18 months of shoulder and wrist injuries more focused and determined to push my personal limits. I sent Strict Scrutiny, 5.13d in October of 2013, for the 2nd or 3rd female ascent. A close friend had recommended the route, and I put aside the difficulty of the route and gave it a try. I really connected to the moves. By the end of the first season I began one hanging, but the route began to seep, and I had to climb through wet sections. Unfortunately, the route became too wet, and I missed my window. The following season I was one hanging again and again. I believed that I could do it and committed myself to stay on course. I needed to focus on one move, and it was easy to get distracted, lose body tension and slip. The day I sent there was a soft and glowing light filtering through to the cliff. I remember being really captured by it, and I felt this deep appreciation for being there. It was the moment I had been waiting for. My husband belayed me and three close friends were there as well. My crux was a bit height dependent and technical. I dug in and hit the moves perfectly, everything clicked, and I finally persevered. I had the epiphany that after I had gained fitness on the route that it was always within reach and that the things that had held me back were mostly in my mind. When I discover a new limit while climbing I get an electrifying charge and chase it in an attempt to feel it again. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Rose Kenny
I trust my instincts as a climber and this translates to other parts of my life. The entire process of developing my skill set as a climber through to the period of working with the RCA has taught me a lot about resilience and dedication. Those that climb hard inspire me, but I truly admire people that respect their climbing areas as well as the experience of others around them. Today, I live near one of the world’s greatest climbing resources in a home that I designed and built with my husband, and we now share it with our miniature schnauzer pup, Gordo. My perfect day would be spent out at Rumney on a crisp October morning with my husband, Gordo, and a good friend or two.
Rose is sponsored by Evolv
Climb On, Sister!
Meet this week's Sending Sister, Samantha Caligiuri! When an injury from gymnastics caused her to search for other physical outlets, she found climbing and fell in love with the sport. The following is her story, in her own words.
_________________________ Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Samantha Caligiuri
Samantha Caligiuri envisioning her moves on the wall. Photo credit: Andy Wickstrom.
I was born on February 25, 1988 in silver springs Maryland. I was a gymnast from the age of 4-16, with the dream of competing in the Olympics. When I was forced to stop, (due to injury) my life was shattered. The lights turned off and I was left wandering in the dark for years until I found something that filled the void – rock climbing. I moved to Utah in 2010 for skiing and mountain bikes, but I could never find happiness with my life until everything changed one sunny summer day in 2011. I climbed every second I got and in October of 2012 I hit the road and haven’t looked back. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Samantha Caligiuri
Samantha eyeing up for the crux move on Center Direct (V10) in Bishop, CA. Photo credit: Andy Wickstrom.
The feeling that it brings, the people you meet, and the adventures it leads to… there’s simply nothing else that compares. It’s a beautiful thing. My gymnastics background has provided me with a powerful foundation for rock climbing, yet I still have so much to learn. I have always had to set short term and long-term goals as a gymnast, and take great pleasure when I reach these. Short-term goals are every day that I wake up and get to live the life I love. Long-term goals can be a bit more challenging; I would just like to continue to push my self as far as I can and as long as I can. We only live once; I will live my life with no regrets. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Samantha Caligiuri
Pulling down on Kyberspace (5.13a/b) in Ten Sleep, WY. Photo credit: Eric Hörst
Let me just start off by saying I love

rock climbing

and live for it – every morning that I wake up and rock up. Climbing is still very new to me, I started climbing back in the beginning of 2011, and fell in love with the sport. I was climbing every second I wasn’t in class. After graduating in October, of the same year, I hit the road and haven’t looked back. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Samantha Caligiuri
Brushing off the holds as the weather rolls in for Bubba Gump (V10). Photo credit: Colin Smith
Some days we succeed and other we fail, but the feeling you get from challenging yourself makes everyday a win, the feeling of failure is not a negative one: I thrive off of the adrenaline that comes from giving it your all. As a climber there is really only one way to get better and that is to fail over and over, but if you stick with it and fight through the repeated hardship you will come out on top. A champion. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Samantha Caligiuri
At Widgi Creek, Bend, OR. Photo credit: Dylan Vaughn Schweig.
I have been very fortunate with the area and the people I learned to climb with. I have spent most of the time climbing around on Utah’s beautiful Limestone. I just can’t get enough of the crimpy, technical, and balancy style of climbing. As far as my wonderful friends that taught me how to climb, if it wasn’t for their experience, technique, and form that I strive so hard to mimic when I am climbing I would not have become the climber I am today so quickly. They all climb with such ease and calmness when on the wall, even when trying hard or scared, something that can take years to learn, some never do. They were able to teach me very quickly. I am very lucky. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sending Sisters: Samantha Caligiuri
Samantha taking the fall on Five Easy Pieces (5.12a). "We try, we fall, we try again, we fall again, we keep trying, then we smile." Photo credit: Dylan Vaughn Schweig.

I try to live every day as my best friend Dylan Vaughn Schweig lives his life. He is just always so joyful and excited no matter what he’s doing. It can be so hard to always find the fun in things every second of everyday, but that’s how he lives his life. I strive to have as much fun with life as he can. So that’s why I always start my days with one goal, to have fun. Whether I send projects or not, whether weather is perfect or not, the adventures you make of it is what’s important. Leaving knowing you gave it your all. "We Try, We Fall, We Try Again, We Fall Again, We Keep Trying, Then We Smile"
Samantha is sponsored by UR Sportswear and Evolv.
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Climb On, Sister!
Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2015 is off to a great start! Mine has been so hectic that it's been difficult to focus on posting things for you guys on here, but I'm making an effort to get back into the swing of things. I have lots of profiles coming your way soon, and I'm super excited about each one of them!

So let's begin 2015 with our youngest Sending Sister to date, Ashleigh Kazor! Ashleigh climbs for Evolv on their grassroots team and I met her when she was training with Team Texas in Dallas, TX. She and her family live about 2.5 hours away and make the drive up to Dallas to train. That's dedication for you!

She's sweet and very shy, but she's got focus and confidence when on the wall, transforming her into a completely different young lady! I'm sure we'll be seeing great things from here in the future! And with that, here's Ashleigh!
_________________________________ Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Ashleigh Kazor
Ashleigh Kazor is our youngest Sending Sister to date!
Climbing Gave Me My Voice.
I was painfully shy when I was younger (granted I’m still only 11). I barely spoke a word through 2 years of preschool. I even had a therapist join me for “circle time” to help with my social anxiety. I rarely spoke at all outside the comfort of my home and never around people I didn’t know really, really well.
My Dad is in the Army so we move every few years. It took me a while to get comfortable in a new town and around new friends. By the time I did…it was time to move again. Then we moved to Maryland and I walked into the YMCA and saw “the wall”.
I had tried other sports with moderate success, but I wasn’t passionate about them. One try up that wall and I was hooked. I begged my mom to take me back again and again. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Ashleigh Kazor
Love at first climb (2009)
One thing I’ve learned about climbers is that they love to see the passion in other climbers. A young man that worked the wall at the Y had that passion and he saw it in me. He started teaching me things and eventually told me about the Earth Treks gym in Baltimore and that climbing was actually something I could do. I was excited, but I was also scared. I loved the climbing, but I didn’t want to have to talk to people. Eventually my climbing progressed and I wanted to try out for their youth team. I knew it would be a struggle socially, but I needed to do it. I failed miserably at my first try-outs. Climbing wise, I did fine. But, when it came time to do a workout with the other kids, I froze. I had trouble trying new things in front of people. I couldn’t talk to the coaches…I just did nothing and I didn’t make the team. I was heartbroken, but determined to try again.
I learned that if I wanted to climb, I’d have to talk. I pushed myself not just physically, but socially and the next time I tried out, I made the team. I loved it. The group part of it was hard, but I got better and better, fueled by my love for climbing. And then we moved again… Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Ashleigh Kazor
Ashleigh finishing 8th at SCS Nationals 2013. Photo credit: Keri Stephens
This time it was to Texas, where I have been lucky enough to be a part of a few different teams. But it was the coaches and kids of Team Texas that really helped me break out of my shell. They push me socially just as much as they push me physically and mentally. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Ashleigh Kazor
Crushing at Hueco Tanks - December 2013. Photo credit: Travis Willis
The climbing community is full of such passionate, caring people. I’ve become friends with so many different people from different walks of life. I’ve traveled with them, lived with them, and climbed with them. They are my family; and now, through traveling to competitions and moving, I get to have climbing friends all over the country. I know that as long as I work hard and continue making it to Nationals each year, no matter where the Army takes my family, I will get to see my climbing family and that family will continue to grow everywhere we move. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Ashleigh Kazor
Ashleigh with friends at Hueco Tanks - December 2013. Photo credit: Jennie Jariel
Joining Team Evolv last year was also a turning point for me. I did it to continue to push myself socially as well as to grow as a climber. I’ve gotten to work shoe demos and talk to people that I never would have met otherwise, while representing a great company.
I may never be an extrovert and that’s just fine. I will always love the feeling of being outside, alone and quiet on the wall, pushing myself to do things I didn’t think I could do. But climbing gave me my voice and for that I will be forever grateful. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Ashleigh Kazor
In her element at Reimers Ranch Park, TX - November 2014
Ashleigh is sponsored by Evolv.

Climb On, Sister!
I don't know what it was about my trip in November to Red Rock Canyon, but the trip was filled with meeting super strong and inspiring women. Take Dana Le, for example. I was working Scare Tactics on our last day there and had given up on the idea of sending it during the trip due to a number of factors: weakened and sore fingers and muscles, letting high winds get into my head game, and just being a plain old grump, then Dana and her crew came along.
She wanted to work on Scare Tactics Right. So after brief introductions (which led us to discover we had mutual friends in Houston, TX where they were from), Dana hopped on the route to work out the last moves, then sent it (to my recollection) first go. She had no hesitation, no doubt, that she would send. Clearly, this woman had a strong head game while on the rock. Combined with rock solid technique, you could tell that Dana's psych was high for trying hard.
Her psych was motivation enough for me to give Scare Tactics one last go, even though I was mentally and physically broken down already. And although I still wasn't able to put it down, knowing that I had put in one last good attempt (with a positive attitude) was exactly what I needed for that day and it was all thanks to Dana.
So thanks, Dana. Cheers to your positive vibes and inspiring climbing!
With that, I introduce you to Dana Le!
__________________________ Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Dana Le
Dana Le, on a send high. Scare Tactics Right (V9)
I remember that day in 2005 like it was yesterday. It was Christmas break during my senior year in college, and I had nothing to do but wait for family to celebrate the holidays. My older brother Daniel stormed into my room and woke me up with this small idea: go to a climbing gym in Houston. I was uncertain whether I would be any good at climbing, but I went ahead and agreed because I was bored at home. When we got to the gym, I was overwhelmed by the amount of chalky yet colorful holds that decorated the walls. We failed to hold tight, fell from difficult moves, contemplated the possibilities in movement, but thankfully we did not completely succumb to our failures. By the end of the night, we succeeded in developing some technique. The same technique I use to this day. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Dana Le
With the best attitude one could have on Adjust Your Attitude (V8) at Hueco Tanks
It wasn’t over that evening after I went home. I had this determination to learn more. I was in complete hyper focus, wanting to fill my spiritless brain with climbing knowledge, and what better way is there to learn about something in the middle of the night? As ridiculous as it sounds, I stormed the internet. My face glowed with the backlight of my computer screen as I watched pro climbers powering up the smallest and most painful looking holds on real rock. How in the world is this possible? Power, finesse, technique, and precision were everything I witnessed. I was completely taken. “I want to do that!” I remember thinking to myself. That was the night the spark ignited in full force. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Dana Le
Dana at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
With that momentum I began spending weekends climbing in Austin, which was an hour and a half away from Baylor University. As silly as it seems, the difficulty of being able to climb only on the weekends was the pure anxiety of not climbing during the week. It also never got easier to climb at my highest level while living in Houston where rocks are non-existent. When I started optometry school the difficulty rose to a new level, but I made it work. It’s easier now that I’ve graduated and am working full-time, but taking time for trips isn’t always convenient. I wish it were easier because I’m a simple climber. I don’t really compete and I’m definitely not sponsored. I just climb in my local gym at Stone Moves, and when time allows, I travel to boulder outside. I know that my climbing will change as my life changes, but I know I won’t be giving it up anytime soon. Non-climbers ask me why I climb when life gets more complicated. I just say to them that it is because there is always time. If you make it a priority, you can always fit climbing into your daily life. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Dana Le
On Cholos (V9) in Bishop, CA
I think I’m just like everyone else. We discover this sport that completely engulfs us and feeds this desire to be better—to succeed. And I think we all love climbing for very similar reasons whether it’s sport climbing, bouldering, trad climbing, big wall, and the list goes on. I love


and it will always be hard to put into words, but if I had to try, it would go something like this: climbing helps me identify myself as a human being. It makes me want something, to be better and progress. Because when you give it everything you have, when you’re way the hell up there, it means you haven’t given up on yourself. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Dana Le
Getting horizontal on Receptionist (V10), Priest Draw, Flagstaff, AZ.
As I continue this life of climbing adventures, all I can hope for is to climb at my highest level for as long as I can. I’d like to travel more of the world to see what’s in store for the future, but mostly to just have fun and also send another v10 or so if I’m being completely honest. I hope to continue meeting people who inspire me and who try their hardest at what they love. Most importantly, I aim to stay excited about that small idea that started for me 8 years ago.

Now, to get you psyched to climb hard, check out this video of Dana and her crew crushing at Red Rocks, along with her send of Scare Tactics Right!

Climb On, Sister!
For not having many outdoor climbing areas to frequent in Michigan, Jessica Tracy is one strong climber! I met her, her husband, and group of friends during our recent trip to Red Rocks while at the Monkey Bar Boulder. If you didn't know, the Monkey Bar Boulder is where the party is at and it's a good place to make new friends, especially ones from Michigan.
After climbing with their crew for a few hours, we all decided to meet up again the next day. I enjoyed climbing with "Jess" because she pushed me to climb harder. She was definitely stronger than I was and was very encouraging when it came to climbs I couldn't quite finish. She also asked me a lot about climbing while pregnant, climbing after pregnancy, and bringing baby along on climbing trips, which I think is on any female climber's mind once they're settled down and married and/or thinking about the possibility of kids.
We instantly became friends and I hope to meet up with her for future climbing trips (maybe with kids in tow)! Hopefully you'll read more about her in future posts on this blog, but for now, let me introduce you to Jessica Tracy!
__________________________ Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Jessica Tracy
Jessica Tracy trying hard on Bubble Butt V7, Red Rock Canyon, NV. Photo credit: Jeline Guiles

I’ve always been a tomboy. I can remember trying every sport there was when I was younger. All of them were fun, but nothing “clicked”. I also remember the first time I walked into Planet Rock. You know that feeling you get when you fall in love? Nervousness, the butterflies, sweaty hands (ok, that’s every day for me ;). That’s the feeling climbing gave me. I walked straight into the


cave, and never left. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Jessica Tracy
Jessica at Rocktown on Tunnel Vision V6
Climbing has changed my life. It’s the first sport I’ve ever tried where everything just clicked. I wasn’t good at first, but it didn’t matter. I wanted to get better. The flappers, the sore muscles, the weird calluses that formed. It all contributed to pushing myself harder than I realized I could. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Jessica Tracy
Jessica taking down Ketron Classic (V4) in Bishop, CA
For me, climbing is much more than a physical sport. It’s a community. I’ve met my best friends, my mentors, and my husband through climbing. If you looked around at our wedding, besides family and a few close friends from childhood, it was ALL climbers. Even our officiant was the manager from Planet Rock. That seems crazy! But it’s not. That’s what this sport does. It brings together all of these people that you likely would have never met. It doesn’t matter what they do, how old they are, or where they’re from. It’s almost instantly a family. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Jessica Tracy
Jessica and her husband Blake during their honeymoon in Nepal at the Annapurna Base Camp
I’ve always had a few goals climbing. For the longest time, it was V8. When I started, it just seemed impossible. Then I realized, that slowly but surely, you learn to push yourself, and suddenly those goals don’t seem that far away. We recently went on a trip to Red Rocks, and I got that elusive “V8”.It was funny. It didn’t feel anything like I thought it would. In that moment, it was less about “the goal”, and more about who I was surrounded by when I achieved it. My husband & my friends. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sendings Sisters: Jessica Tracy
Ladies trip to Coopers Rock, West Virginia.
It’s rare to find a great group of girlfriends. Even more so, a group that boulders. The longer I climb, the more I’ve realized that when you find a girl that boulders (or climbs!) you support her no matter what. It’s a hard sport to break into. Everything hurts, you’re using a lot of muscles you didn’t even know you had. You can kiss your nice hands and feet goodbye, and you learn that a good spot can be the difference between sending or not. In other words, it’s scary. That’s what I love about this blog so much. I love climbing with the boys, don’t get me wrong. And even more, I love pushing myself alongside them. But there’s something different about climbing with ladies. The jumping up and down excitement when you realize you can make the move. The unspoken comradery. The beta that you never would’ve been able to figure out on your own. It’s a completely different experience.
So here’s to many more adventures in the dirt, on the rocks, and with my “climbing” family.
And now, here's a video I put together of a few sends Jessica did out at Red Rocks!

Jessica Tracy - Red Rock Canyon, NV from ClimbOnSister on Vimeo.
Climb On, Sister! Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news she has inspired usshe has inspired us since climbing with us a kid Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Shoutout to this stoShoutout to this stone hunting hoodlum. Tribesman Matt Lloyd. City of Rocks…