Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

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As you may have figured out by now, I love crafts and handmade items. That's why every now and then, I search "rock climbing" on Etsy just to see what the handmade community has to offer, and I likey what I see!
During my most recent search, I came across STATIC. Owned and operated by climber, Taylor Carpenter in Oceanside, CA, STATIC aims to create unique, 100% handmade climbing chalk bags. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news STATIC: Handmade Climbing Bags (with Discount Code!)
STATIC owner and operator, Taylor Carpenter, sport climbing in Virginia. Photo credit: Duncan Barnes.
Each handmade bag comes with the following features:
  • ANTI-SLIP SYSTEM: Secures the drawstring so it won’t come out from under the bag
  • ZIG ZAG TOP STITCH FINISH: Your chalk bag won’t move as much when you chalk up
  • CHALK STAY TECHNOLOGY: Creates a more durable bag and won’t let chalk escape from the lining as easily
  • DOUBLE STITCHED HEAVY DUTY 1" BELT LOOPS: Makes it more durable for those long climbing sessions. Spaced further apart than the average bag to create less twist when chalking up
  • 1” ELASTIC BRUSH LOOP HOLDER: Holds various sizes of brushes
  • Canvas top layer that flows into a soft anti-pill fleece lining
  • LIGHTLY SENTED WITH ORGANIC LAVENDER: This bag will be a great addition for any climber or climbing style.
Here are a few of their designs: Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news STATIC: Handmade Climbing Bags (with Discount Code!)
Pictures of STATIC chalk bags, taken from online store.
No doubt each bag is unique in its own way, but my favorite items are theLittle Climber Chalk Bags. It's hard to come by smaller sized chalk bags for kids at retailers, so I think these are just so cute and age appropriate all while being "just the right size". We bought one for my daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday and I know she's going to LOVE it! Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news STATIC: Handmade Climbing Bags (with Discount Code!)
Taylor with one of her unique, handmade chalkbags.
And now for the awesome part! STATIC has graciously agreed to provide a discount for Climb On, Sister! readers on orders over $10! Just use discount code CLIMBONSISTER when you checkout. What better way to support the female climbing community than buying from a fellow female climber? So head on over to STATIC and happy shopping!

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I finally got around to editing footage we captured while out at Red Rock Canyon this past November! We were in town for 13 days and climbed 8 days total. Seeing that I had sprained my right ankle a month before our trip, I didn't have any expectations of sending hard. However, that didn't prevent me from dreaming and making a tick list that was way beyond my abilities.
As the days passed by, I could tell my ankle was a little stronger than I had thought it would be. It actually felt good enough to take some bigger falls on. Of course, I taped it up every day we climbed and I rolled it a few times while hiking. Surprisingly, I climbed more than I thought I would and even worked on Scare Tactics (V10). I got so close, falling on the move before the "thank you" jug (right before the top out moves). I didn't include the footage in this video, but maybe I'll actually have a send-go to post next time we make it out to Red Rocks!
So here it is! I added the description of climbs below the video, in case you were wondering about the location and grades. Please watch in 1080p for best quality video!
Jeline Guiles


at Red Rock Canyon, NV and 19 month old Aarilyn Guiles doing some slab boulder problems of her own.

Climbs included:
Potato Chips (Low) - Kraft Boulders - V4/5 (supposedly)
Arete (on the Warm Up Boulder) - Kraft Boulders - V5
The Wave - Kraft Boulders - V3
Bat Mantle - Willow Springs - V3
Monkey Bar Traverse - Kraft Boulders - V7

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