Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

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Grand Budapest Hotel in Switzerland.
Once again, Adidas Rockstars pulled off an amazing show, which as always finished with a superfinal, where two finalists battled the last Boulder on time. As for the female, it actually took Janja Garnbret 4+ minutes while Tomoa Narasaki needed just 16 seconds. Tomoa has previousy won both the WC and the World Championship whereas Janja is on one of the top positions in the Lead WC and won the World Championship. The runner-ups were Jessica Pilz and Jan Hojer. In total, 72 athletes from 22 countries were invited. During the qualification and semi, normal IFSC rules applied. In the final with 3 500 spectators, a knock-out format was used and only three competitors remained after the first two Boulders. The fourth Boulder was a superfinal for the two best. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news puntozerophotography: Fontainebleau. 2016.
Fontainebleau. 2016. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news ratherbeclimbing: It’s getting to be that time of year again!...
It’s getting to be that time of year again! So excited for this weekend. We’re heading up to the Lake Placid area to get some more boulders ticked off the list. Here’s a photo of me climbing Thorazine at Nine Corner Lake in the Adirondacks last fall. So happy the temperatures are falling again!
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Imagine, spending about 20 days, mainly alone, and falling like 20 times from 18 meters down into the Mediterranean sea. The impact hitting the water is enormous and a bit dangerous, but even so, when Chris Sharma reached the surface he couldn't stop swimming around looking for a new crux sequence. After ten more monster whippers, he decided to rappel down finding out that it was an 8B Boulder! Could you please explain how you projected Alasha from when you found it? I found the wall about five or six years ago. Miquel Riera and I did a reconnaissance mission where we swam about 6 kilometers scoping out all the caves and walls. After seeing this line from below I inevitably had to rappel in to see the line and holds better. I then began trying the route from the bottom. However after trying for many days over several trips I realized that my effort was a bit hopeless unless I came back with a rope and really figured the moves out. So this September I came and spent about 7-8 days just working the upper section on rappel. The crux sequence is so tricky for the feet and body positions and is very powerful for the fingers. Bit by bit though I started to understand the moves better and better until I felt like I could give some good goes. It was a very special morning when I sent. With just my buddy Ricardo filming and the waves crashing. One of my top 10 moments in climbing for sure!
Climbskin has helped us out with with some skin care advises. Chris Sharma is one of their ambassadors, - "It is a great product, it moisturizes and rebuilts your skin. It is not like the waxy or oily materials, you can actually put it on before you climb which is one of the most amazing things. Climbskin is gonna change people's climbing. It is by far the best product on the market".
someone: what are your plans for the weekend
me: who knows
me: (i know)
me: (i'm not leaving the house)
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