Satellite Boulders NM, Murray Arete Sit

Recently we’ve been paddling our #explorer200 rafts...

Recently we’ve been paddling our #explorer200 rafts everywhere. If you don’t know what those are, look them up, it’s likely you’ll want to own one. When we saw the island at this alpine lake and we realized we neglected to bring our explorers we knew one day we will have to return to explore out there

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Isabelle Faus strengthens her leading position in the 8a ranking game by doing The Wheel of Chaos 8B+ in RMNP. (c) Caroline Treadway "Wow, crazy experience. Started trying last year, took me two or three days just to be able do all the moves. This year started started out a lil quicker, by my 2nd day this year (or it could have been third I can't even remember) I was made it up to the jug rest and fell dry firing of the slopey rail. Then the battle started. I went up there maybe 6 times after the first day of getting very close. Basically I would get to the jug like 3 times a session and 75% of the time fall because my skin was to dry/cold or my foot would pop off the smears. Rarely did I feel like I was falling because I was too tired, always my third try of the day I would pump out but the first tries always felt really good. In the end I probably made it to the jug more than 20 times... I stopped counting it got that bad. I was getting really frustrated and honestly just wanted to quit trying it for this year, but Chad wouldn't let me! Credit goes to him ! :)) really amped and feeling extra super fit! Really amazing boulder with great movement, so satisfying."

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Stormy nights spent in the truck are some of my favorite....

Stormy nights spent in the truck are some of my favorite. Growing up in Kansas, I loved to go outside during severe weather and watch the chaos unfold. When I lived in the Midwest shooting lightning was one of my favorite things to do, but since moving to San Diego I haven’t had much of an opportunity to do so. I was so happy to watch this storm unfold east of Lake Powell a few nights ago. #lightning #storm #stormchasing #outdoorwomen #sheexplores (at Lake Powell)

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Take Your Pup to the Trail

Isn’t it the best when you get to do fun things with your best friend? Your dog thinks so too! One of my all time favorite pastimes is hiking with my dog. We try to get outside for a long nature walk once a week. She pulls me up the hills. I let her sniff the bushes. She helps me feel safe. She gets to billy-goat around on the rocks. When she stops for water, I’m reminded to stop to hydrate and check out the scenery too. When she starts to slow, I boost her with encouraging words (of course she understands me!). When I start to slow, she affirms me with a wayward glance back and a quick lick on the leg. We both end up at the top, panting with foolish grins, and relish in the accomplishment.

Spending quality time doing an endorphin producing activity helps create strong, lasting bonds between you and those you love, two legged or four. Be sure to check trail regulations before you go to make sure dogs are allowed. Also, check the weather (too hot is very dangerous for dogs!) and give your dog a bath soon after you get home (that poison oak they rubbed up against? you don’t want it on yourself!)

Before you head out, make sure you bring the following:

For yourself:

  • Wate
  • rIMG_2738
  • Snacks
  • First Aid kit
  • Hiking shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Trail map

For Fido:

  • Water
  • Water bowl
  • Biscuits
  • Leash
  • Tags
  • Car carrier
  • Towel
  • Favorite Toy

Happy hiking!!

DSC_4743_2By: Lena Marie Schmidt

Yogini. Hiker. Happiness-seeker. Dog-mama. Feminist. Yummy-food-eater. Whether it’s exploring the local trails, playing pretzel on the yoga mat, or diving into a book on inner peace, Lena loves an adventure. You can find her teaching yoga in San Diego, leading retreats near and far, and empowering others to be the change they wish to see in the world.


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The Commitment Series Ep. 1 - Libby Peter: DevotionThe Commitment Series Ep. 1 - Libby Peter: DevotionThe Commitment Series Ep. 1 - Libby Peter: DevotionThe Commitment Series Ep. 1 - Libby Peter: DevotionThe Commitment Series Ep. 1 - Libby Peter: Devotion

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The hole in my pants is what happens when you canyoneer often. But come check out how cool this canyon is in escalante. Do you get why it’s called peak-a-boo canyon? #outdoorwomen #sheexplores #optoutside #escalante #utahisrad (at Escalante, Utah)

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Rock & Ice report that Matty Hong has done three 9as in just two weeks. First he did Fat Camp in Rifle, two weeks ago, which was bolted by Joe Kinder and on which Jon Cardwell got the FA in August. Last Sunday he did Shadowboxing also in Rifle and this Monday he did Kryptonite both in Fortress of Soltitude. "Of the three, Hong says Kryptonite was his favorite climb, mainly because of its location and quality: “The Fortress is the most badass wall, it’s so unique and beautiful, and there’s no one out there. It also has the best rock quality.” For difficulty, he says “Fat Camp felt the hardest of the three, and it’s also my style. Shadowboxing felt harder than Kryptonite, but [Shadowboxing] is not really my style, so they’re hard to compare. They’re all different. I had to try the hardest on Shadowboxing, but Fat Camp took the longest.”

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Dai Koyamada, one of the leading climbers of the last 20 years, reports on his blog in Japanese that he has done two 9a's in Frankenjura; Unplugged and The House of Shock, after just a couple of days. His plan is to stay in Europe for two months. He has also done two 8c+s. In 1998, Dai was #4 in a Lead World Cup but later he left that scene and to date he has put up at least five 8C Boulders and repeated at least a dozen 9a and harder routes.

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Alex Khazanov has done Underground 9a in Arco. "Glad to have made my first, and Israels first 9a ascent! It was a crazy battle for me. It was the first sport rout I have climbed since February and to say that I was lacking indurance would be an understatement. The progression came with every go, until one time, after a big mental challenge, I clipped the anchor. Even though I mostly (or just) boulder, climbing 9a was a little dream of mine. Well, here it is, and it's the first one of my country!!! Psyched out of my mined right now!"

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We found some boulders in the middle of nowhere and proceeded to...

We found some boulders in the middle of nowhere and proceeded to have a blast climbing for the whole afternoon. #outdoorwomen #sheexplores #flashfoxy (at Lake Powell)

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