Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

Dave Graham makes first ascent of Topaz - V15 Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Climbing in Victoria
Climbing in Victoria, Australia. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Cochamó - Rock ClimbCochamó - Rock Climbing in Patagonia, Chile Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Cold climbing in ChiCold climbing in China.
Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn?
I was born in Los Angeles and raised in West Virginia. I’m a dancer, Southern Californian, Appalasian, former cheerleader, current climber, and artist coming from many families, histories, and backgrounds.
My last year of college was spent with one semester each in Brooklyn and San Francisco — I was trying to figure out where to move after graduating, and my time in both places led me back to Brooklyn.
How did you start climbing?
Growing up in West Virginia, a majority of my childhood involved camping, hiking, and exploring the woods behind our house. Climbing is huge in the state (holla at the New River!), and I climbed a bit outdoors when I was younger, but in high school most of my time was devoted to studying and dancing. I started climbing more seriously when I lived in San Francisco and kept up with it when I moved back to Brooklyn. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Community Spotlight: Kim SavarinoKim at BKBOG, captured by Leah Bank.
How has climbing changed your life?
As a dancer, my body is the the thing I’m most familiar with in this world. I’m a performer in Then She Fell, an immersive theater show in Williamsburg that’s based on the writings of Lewis Carroll and takes place inside a century-old building. All of our choreography is site specific: we’re scaling bookshelves, dancing on tables, climbing on ladders, and moving through desks and mirror frames. I’ve been part of this show for almost two years, and as I’ve gotten more and more serious with climbing, I’ve noticed a heightened sense of where my weight shifts and how I connect with surfaces inside the framework of a very familiar environment (for reference, I’ve performed over 400 times and counting!). It’s been fascinating to feel my physicality change — there’s a lot of overlap in all movement forms, but climbing builds very different groups of muscles than the ones I developed through years of ballet and contemporary dance training. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Community Spotlight: Kim SavarinoKim on the 45 wall in Brooklyn. Photo by Leah Bank.
What are your current biggest projects, on and off the wall?
So many things! Then She Fell is certainly a major one. We’ve been running for over four years and are currently extended through 2017 (and maybe forever? stay tuned). I serve as the Vice Chair of the Dance/NYC Junior Committee, a volunteer advocacy group of badass artists, activists, and administrators between the ages of 21-30. I’ve also been a City Rocks mentor since 2015 and am excited to continue climbing with Ashleigh, my mentee, throughout this school year.
In the climbing world, I’m super psyched to be getting outside more this season. I just came back from Flash Foxy’s Girl Crew Ramble and was endlessly inspired by the ladies I met up in the Gunks. I’m mostly a boulderer, but I’ve been slowly picking up trad climbing — I love the puzzle solving aspect of climbing, and trad is that x100000. And…HUECO! I’m heading down to Texas with one of my closest friends from college (also a badass lady climber) and will be training hard in the gym and outdoors to prepare for December.
Who orwhat inspires you?
The Southern artists and cultural organizers who make up Alternate ROOTS
Jo Carson’s listening and Anne Carson’s quiet brilliance
The Access Fund, because of the outdoor climbing they enable and protect
My castmates at TSF and my co-conspirators at JComm
The generous and intelligent women in my life: Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Gerri Houlihan, Summer Lee Rhatigan, and my mother <3.

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Dave Graham nabbed his 8th V15 first ascent last week, with a surprising send of ‘Topaz’ in Wild Basin, Colorado. Dave described the send on his Instagram “I had no clue I would end up on the top the try I actually climbed it, in a really rare

rock climbing

moment, tension and nerves through the final sequence were toned down as each move I completed, I genuinely thought I was falling and about to slip off every move of the final sequence. AMAZING.”
Neil Gresham, a well-known trainer for the last 20 years, has done his first 8c+, Sabotage in Malham. © Ian Parnell Photography "I guess I've reached a peak in sport climbing in my mid forties because I didn't really do any sport climbing in my thirties - I was just going adventuring and doing trad, ice DWS, and so on. I pushed my sport climbing pretty hard in my early twenties but training methods and facilities were primitive back then and I used to get injured quite a lot. There were also way less routes to choose from back in the early 90s and most of the routes in the high F8s were short and powerful and didn't really suit me. I've been pretty structured in terms of applying a very specific focus on my projects. Both Sabotage and Freakshow (my 8c at Kilnsey last year) had moves that I couldn't do, so I had to gain the specific strength for them (by doing replica blocs and working the same finger grips on a hangboard etc) and I also trained endurance at the same angle, style and intensity as the routes. As for 9a, it isn't a goal unless my next project at Kilnsey turns out to be 9a, in which case I will square up to it!"
Mathieu Pauwels has done his first 9a, Punt'X in Gorges du Loup. (c) Petr Blaha - I try the myth in summer 2015. When I returned to Belgium I decided to train myself to make Punt'X. I train very well with my coach Muriel Sarkany during the 2015/2016 season and I returned to southern France early summer 2016. I stayed a certain time that summer but no success for me but got very good feelings in Punt'x! I decided to go and come back stronger in October. It worked because the beginning of my trip I makes my first 9a Punt'X !! A dream come true! Thanks to my super coach! Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Girl sesh ? Photo: Sendaholic
Girl sesh Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Good climbing days making me feel like ? Photo: Sendaholic
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I have never climbed in the Red, but I’ve heard it’s amazing!
I’ve never tried to max out…but I think the heaviest I’ve done was 30 pounds? It was a few years ago so I’m not sure.
Luckily I’m not afraid of creepy clowns…although I can’t say I’m a fan ;) Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news hueco tankshueco tanks