Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

Great mountain biking this weekend riding lair o’ the bear...

Great mountain biking this weekend riding lair o’ the bear...

Great mountain biking this weekend riding lair o’ the bear with Moooooose and @katellev151515 Danielle! They are both awesome, but still managed to have fun waiting around for me to catch up! #optoutside #mountainbike #colorado (at Lair o’ the Bear Park)

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grayskymorning: William Genest


William Genest

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grateful-climber: littleseababy: This place makes my soul...



This place makes my soul sing

oooooo cutie!

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grace–upon–grace: @autumnliggett



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Going up !

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Going to Roy

Going to Roy

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goclimbthemountains: Brought some friends climbing this...

goclimbthemountains: Brought some friends climbing this...


Brought some friends climbing this weekend. Set my first top-rope anchor (!!!), J climbed real rock for the first time, and the weather was perfect. So surreal to be passing the torch after a year of becoming immersed in the sport. Also- can we talk about how aesthetically pleasing the Slicksides pit is?!

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Giraffe kisses ?

Giraffe kisses

#1 What They Ask For

Relatives and non-climber friends of climbers can have a hard time figuring out what it is you want. A few years ago, my brother walked into a book store and asked for a book about climbing for his sister. He walked out with a copy of 127 hours.

If you do your best on your own, your climber will still love their gift. But climbers are pathological collectors of climbing year. We have a wish list, trust me. We can always think of something we ‘need’ that you can get us! Read on for more ideas for (affordable) gifts for climbers…

#2 Something to Put on Their Hands  

For a detailed and hilarious overview of “crap climbers put on their hands”, check out this post over at The Stone Mind. Despite carrying it around with me everywhere, I never lost my little tin of Skin Doctor while I was on the road this summer. It was too precious to lose! The Climb On! products also get rave reviews from climbers I know.

Climb On! Lotion bar. Also comes as a creme, and (newly) with a manly scent!

#3 A Bail ‘Biner

This suggestion was inspired by my lucky bail ‘biner. It was one of the first pieces of gear I ever owned. Whenever this bail ‘biner went up a hard route on someone’s harness, the route got finished, and the ‘biner came back down. Once I noticed, I started taking it with me for a little bit of extra confidence.

Get your favorite climbing partner a lucky bail ‘biner of their very own for the new year. Write them a note. Tell them about the mystic powers of the lucky bail ‘biner, and remind them to dream big and try hard in the new year. If the ‘biner eventually gets left behind, its newness and shininess will make someone’s day.

From Trango, the Superfly. Your favorite climbing partner could be super fly too!

#4 Really Fancy Socks

This suggestion came from one of my followers on twitter, @climbing_strong. Having the right thing in between your shoes and your feet can make a world of difference in comfort when you’re out tramping. Even better, sock sizes are easier to guess correctly than other clothing sizes. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a merino wool, but some folks are fond of synthetic technical fabrics as well.

Gift Ideas for the Climber in Your Life

I love all things colorful, and Icebreaker doesn’t disappoint. Their apparel is a bit pricey, but the performance you get is worth every penny.

#5 Reel Rock 7

Nothing says “I love you, man” like giving your buddy climbing porn for the holidays. This year’s Reel Rock is now on sale at I think it’s worthwhile to support the folks that are producing top-notch climbing media. Reel Rock is consistently entertaining and high quality. This year’s films are no exception.

#6 Rope Wash

The year after I found 127 Hours under the tree, my family upped their game and bought me rope wash. On their own. Despite knowing barely anything about climbing. I was surprised and touched.

The question of whether washing ropes actually does anything has been debated endlessly on the internet, and eventually boils down to personal preference. Several different washes are available, but I’m inclined to trust something from a rope manufacturer over and independent product. Follow these tips from Splitter Choss if you end up putting your rope wash to use!

Sterling’s Wicked Good Rope Wash

#7 A Petzl Draw

Tried and true, these draws are beloved by climbers the world over. They can be a bit pricey, so most climbers I know acquire them slowly, a few at a time. Help your favorite climber out by adding a few to their collection.


Big beefy dogbones make great emergency nylon jugs when you’re trying hard at your limit.

#8 Your Suggestions

What did I leave off? Leave a comment to let me know!

[Dear Beloved Family, Please refer to #1, then talk to Mom. :)]

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gifsboom: Source: 



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Getting in some fun climbing at The Anvils last weekend!

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get lost. #nepal #annapurnacircuit #himalayas...

get lost. #nepal #annapurnacircuit #himalayas #landscapephotography #bergwelten #bergpic #theoutdoorlens #earthpix #trekkingadventure #trekking #wanderlust #visitnepal

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gabrielolson: “Expressing” ___ Will’s face says it all! ...




Will’s face says it all! It’s not depression. This guy is definitely one of the crazier climbers I have met. Don’t be fooled by the crazy though. His energy is contagious. Kind hearted and well kept.
Bouldering Rainbow near Truckee, CA


#bouldering #climbing #staywild #climbmoja #climbingphotography #climbing #truckee #amazing #alive #inspiration #seekthetrails #sendit #rockclimbing #wild #madrock #huffpostgram (at Truckee, California)

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have you ever had that person where you just look at them and you smile like yes you make me happy fuck you I can’t stop smiling ???????????????

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Brooklyn Boulders community, as a thank you for making our community awesome, we’re hosting a three-day Friendsgiving extravaganza at every single Brooklyn Boulders, in New York, Boston and Chicago.

Our members are what makes our community special: this is a thank you for being the reason why we open our doors and why we are excited to wake up every day — to watch the community grow, to try something new and to push ourselves.

Come hang out with us at Brooklyn Boulders and bring your friends for free during Friendsgiving, from November 21-23.

Members are invited to bring their friends for free during Friendsgiving.* Bring your friends into Brooklyn Boulders and share a special part of your life with them.

Non-members who bring one friend will each get a two-for-one Day Pass. This offer is good on all three days leading up to Thanksgiving, which means you can bring the same friend for free every day if it feels right.

Spread the #bkblove. We look forward to meeting your BFFs.


*Day Passes do not include gear. Members who bring a friend will get an extra guest pass that does not count towards their monthly pass. In-store only. 





The post Friendsgiving: Friends Climb Free With #bkblove appeared first on Brooklyn Boulders Blog.

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forestwoodward: “Talus fields rise to sheer walls of Wingate,...


“Talus fields rise to sheer walls of Wingate, the most consolidated layer in Utah’s sandstone family and climbers’ main focus in Indian Creek. Vertical cracks with parallel edges rise to sky, giving climbers a thin and defined passage. Straying from the cracks is usually impossible, with sheer, featureless sandstone walls on either side; ascending demands a climber’s entire toolbox of crack climbing skills.” ✏️ @jabegg for the #alpinistcommunityproject // Once you’re done looking at Blake’s back muscles head on over to @alpinistmag for the rest of the story and be sure to give the folks at @theaccessfund a high five on your way

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