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Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn Boulders?
My name is Chris Shane and I’m an outdoor photographer, storyteller and mountaineer living in Boston.
I’m psyched to work with Brooklyn Boulders at the Somerville location to help foster my own twist on Humans of New York in the form of a “Climbers of Brooklyn Boulders.” I’ll be hanging out at the gym, climbing hard and looking for awesome people to profile things like: the diversity of climbers at BKB, why they climb, what their goals and dreams are, where they’re from and where they’ve been, what profound life experiences they’ve had – the list is endless. In short, I don’t know what I’ll find and who I’ll meet, but I can’t wait to find out. Give me a shout if you see me around!
We’re excited for this one. How did you start climbing?
I spent a majority of my childhood camping and hiking in Maine and visiting the National Parks as a kid, but never actually climbed. When I was 21 and looking to fill a massive physical void that collegiate basketball had filled before then, my mother sent me on a winter mountaineering course in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with The North Face athlete Mark Synnott.
Everyone knows the “bug” that develops after that first climb, and I certainly caught it.
It can be dangerously addictive. How has climbing changed your life?
Climbing and being in the mountains provides for me a sense of purpose and active engagement with the natural world that I simply can’t have in my city life.
Our society as a collective unit is rapidly moving away from participating (willingly) in the outdoors.Climbing for me offers the simple freedom to express myself as an inherently curious and adventurous person living in the 21st century.
Without a doubt, the climbing community has had an enormous impact on my overall outlook of the world. I’ve made lifelong friends, seemingly out of thin air, all over a shared common interest and passion for climbing and being in the mountains. The bond in this community is pure love. I’ve no doubt many people at BKB have had strikingly similar experiences. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Photo by Christopher Shane.Photo by Christopher Shane.
What are your current biggest projects, on and off the wall?
I’m currently working on two really exciting projects:
Magic Cityis a winter adventure documentary and long form photo essay exploring a once prosperous past of a small mill town in Maine, Millinocket, and the winter wonderland of Baxter State Park just beyond the town lines.
I’m directing and creating this short film by following a team of athletes into the park in search of the ultimate New England adventure. We’ll capture adventure footage of the famous Knife Edge route, alpine/ice climbs and a search for the perfect ski route on Mount Katahdin, combined with beautiful timelapse video and winter scenes in the park. My hope is to come full circle and find out what it means to live in that old mill town in Maine, and bridge the connection between the folks who live there and the beautiful park they’ve got sitting right in their backyard.
I’m planning to head to Denali in the spring/summer of 2017 with a star studded team. I’m starting to ramp up training now, begining the long process of logistics planning, and digging deep creatively in search of an authentic content piece to incorporate into our team’s (several) big objectives – including skiing off the summit of Denali.
Who or what inspires you?
The three people who inspire me are: Bradford Washburn, David Roberts, and Renan Ozturk. Collectively, they each possess a masterful ability to make art and simultaneously push the boundaries of climbing and exploration in the mountains. Theyinspire me on a daily basis to endlessly pursue and craft my own unique skill set in making art, telling meaningful stories, and moving in the mountains. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Photo by Christopher Shane.Photo by Christopher Shane.
I like to think they all share the same innate desire to be outside, and particularly in the mountains. My guess is that they felt/feel most at home, and certainly most alive, while on the wall or deep in remote Alaskan ranges, and conversely, when they sat down in the dark room, their study or the editing bay, to bring a story, a place, an issue, to life. I hope to do the same.

Check out Christopher’s website here and follow him on Instagram @chrismshane. Interested in applying for our Artist Residency program? Check it out here. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news In the early 90s, inIn the early 90s, in issue 128, Climbing printed a picture of this route at the Reservoir Wall in Indian Creek. 20 years later, Excuse Station (5.11) remains a classic. jo bulmer hikes the .75 finish to the anchor during a Creekend of climbing with a ladies crack climbing clinic. @sheneenagins Diana Jenson James Lucas Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news IMG_8981 Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news If you need me…my office is the beach today ?? (at...
If you need me…my office is the beach today Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Idwal staircase Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Ice climbing NorwayIce climbing Norway
I use ClimbX actually :) Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news I miss long, warm, sI miss long, warm, sunny days out on the coast! Looove the rain, but I'm ready for summer to be here. ☀✨ Captain Hook! The Treasure Chest | Salt Point State Park, CA Photo: Jim Thornburg Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news I like your shoes ?
I like your shoes Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news I CLIMED THIS IN APRI CLIMED THIS IN APRIL! At least, I tried to... Monique Forestier, Orange Juice (5.12c), Funk Rock City, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA.
As the Combined Olympic event will take place over three days, it would be best to select who will participate in Tokyo based on qualifications run in the same format. On the other hand it is practically impossible to make World Cup organizers set up such 3-days events. The World and Continental Championships would be as close as you could come but even so, such championship with several hundreds of athletes doing qualifications, semi and final will not be the same as the Olympics with just 20+20 participants. At the same time, it would be important for both competitors and IFSC to organize a pre-Olympic rehearsal event that also could make the final selection for the 20+20 that will compete in Tokyo. Such event could run early in 2020 in Tokyo as the Combined World Championship where only 50 + 50 selected can compete. Possibly the 6 + 6 best that have not qualified to the Olympics in 2019 yet, could be selected from the pre-Olympic event. During 2019, 8 + 8 can qualify through the Continental Championship with extra spots for Europe and Asia. The remaining 6 + 6 could qualify through the Combined ranking that already IFSC are running. The selection for the 50 + 50 to the pre-Olympic Combined World Championships in early 2020, could be based on the 8 + 8 qualified from the Continental Championships and the rest from the Combined World Cup 2019. Another possible qualification way could be that the three World Champions from 2018 are guaranteed a spot.
One for me, one for you. That’s often how my holiday shopping goes. So here are our picks for you and your favorite climber this holiday season! 1. 3rd Rock Eden Trousers:Durable fabric, great colors, and design choices like a gusseted crotch, elastic waistband, and articulated knees make these one of my favorite pants to […]
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Hello! Any tips on buying climbing shoes? I'm a beginner and trying to find the right fit shoes. I tried on one at the gym I climb at and they're the most comfortable I've tried yet. But I was told they're supposed to be a bit uncomfortable and tight when not climbing. I couldn't find the same brand in a half size smaller and other brands I tried on in a bunch of different sizes just felt uncomfortable. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Hello! Any tips on buying climbing shoes? I'm a beginner and trying to find the right fit shoes. I tried on one at the gym I climb at and they're the most comfortable I've tried yet. But I was told they're supposed to be a bit uncomfortable and tight when
Hey there! I totally understand the plight of the climbing shoe vs. comfort problem. My advice is to wear something comfortable but as tight as you are willing to go. My first pair fit like regular shoes where I had room for my big toE at the end of the shoe. This is a critical mistake in climbing and I will tell you why. Number 1, the primary reason that climbing shoes were designed were for you to focus all of the strength from your foot into the very tip of your big toe. The tough rubber allows all of the weight you place downward to be utilized on very tiny footholds like the ones you will be encountering at indoor gyms and especially outside on real rock. When you buy a larger, more comfortable shoe like I did, the looseness in the front of the shoe absolutely ruins the integrity of the climbing shoe’s design and you end up having to put all of your weight were we are accustomed to putting out weight, the balls of our feet. Number 2, this is extremely bad for climbing technique and also is much more strenuous on your foot, attempting to climb in shoes that were meant to be used on the toe.
I completely understand wanting to be comfortable in a shoe, but climbing is a sport that requires sacrifices, hands and feet are going to be tortured minimally. The best way I would describe the perfect climbing shoes for your feet are. Find the pair that are excruciatingly painful to get your foot into. Next, up a half or a full size to maintain a tight fit, but a level of comfort you might describe as“mediocre”. The main thing to remember is that all shoes will stretch! No matter what the box says (primarily synthetic shoes say they will not stretch, but they definitely do). Another thing to remember is that as a beginner, as you learn more about different types of shoes and gear, you will be trying different shoes when you are ready to replace your first pair. Every shoe company has a different fit, and each shoe design will have a different level of comfort depending on the style of climbing you are doing. Boulderers typically go for a moderately aggressive to fully aggressive downturned toe box shoe and a variety of designs based on their foot size and width for the heel. Sport climbing tends to lean towards a more laid back, less aggressive shoe style that has a much flatter sole and is easier to wear for longer periods of time. The third type of climbing shoe is for anyone who likes them, but the most comfortable pairs of shoes are typically rugged and durable and trad climbers love to wear these because they have versatility and comfort unlike the thin rubber made for sport and


climbs where people are on and off routes/problems within 30 - 40 minutes. Trad climbers typically climb anywhere from an hour to 8 hour days scaling multi-pitch climbs and can’t be squeezing their feet into tiny shoes that begin to throb after 15 minutes on in one session.
All this info might be a little overwhelming, but remember that your peers will have great information about their first experiences with climbing shoes and will give you some recommendations that will hopefully fit your abilities and style. If it’s possible, check out a shoe demo! You will hit the jackpot if one of these is in your area. They come around a lot of gyms and are always advertising these to get people like you affiliated with their shoes! They will basically bring 40 to 50 pairs of each shoe their company makes and lets anyone try them on and climb in them as well as offer advice on which pair will suit your style of climbing. I love shoe demos and have had my fair share of learning exactly what shoes I like and dislike from these events. If shoe demos aren’t nearby in your area, go to the local shop that sells climbing shoes (REI sells shoes if you dont have a local shop) and ask for some advice! My last bit of advice is DEFINITELY go with a popular shoe first. Get yourself acquainted with some of the name brands and the shoes that you see most often in your gym/crag. They are typically the ones that have great fit and remarkable life. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Hell's Gate NationalHell's Gate National Park on I Love Climbing Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Hazel Findlay catcheHazel Findlay catches a good hold on a tough section of the pump-fest of Kalea Borroka (8b+) in Siurana, Spain. Credit: Jack Geldard - UKC
I thought I sent a V10 indoors once…but then they downgraded it haha Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Happy Boulders - Bishop, CA
Happy Boulders - Bishop, CA