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Notes from a First-Time Ice Climber

IFSC has published the Olympic format and it is more or less a copy of the format 8a suggested last year. Already in November, IFSC said that they will take, "note of your proposal and will consider it while preparing the format proposal for the Executive Board." "Rules perspective: a. The Combined Event consists of 2 rounds (Qualifications and Finals), both comprising all the disciplines. b. All Athletes (20 men and 20 women) participate in the first round. c. The Athlete’s score is given by multiplying the Athlete’s ranking (place) in each discipline. The lower the score the better. (Principles to be confirmed) A ranking is produced after each round (Qualifications and the Finals). a. The six best Athletes qualify for the Finals. Note: For the Speed Final the concept of “Lucky loser” (7° and 8° ranked Athletes in the 1/8th finals) applies, as a quota of 6 does not allow the duel system. The 8a suggested format differs as we included 8 guys in the final in order to have a fair Speed Climbing Final. How IFSC plan to let only the Top-6 climbers compete in Speed with two "Lucky loser" have not been explained. It should be mentioned that previously IFSC had suggested a totally different format which was heavily criticized by the coaches. The qualification system will follow the IOC principles which will be set in July. However, it will be based on Athletes and not countries but only two athletes male + female will be allowed. In regards to which type of Speed route will be used in the Olympics, no news has been forwarded but we have been informed that it was up to discussion and IFSC said that there is not enough time to change it.
My crampons do not fit, and they have somehow turned into 4-inch platform clogs of packed snow. Their points are dull. My boots are... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news New problems at the gym…I’m in heaven ? Photo:...
New problems at the gym…I’m in heaven
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Melissa Le Neve, who retired from the WC scene last year being #3 overall, prepared for the CWIF 2017 by doing her first 8B+ in Fontainebleau. That worked out pretty nice as she was the only to flash three problems. So why not go to Font again and try the first WC in Switzerland in three weeks? Alex Megos, who won CWIF also in 2015, has been climbing just easy the last two months due to an inflammation. Three days ago, the German said on Instagram, "I'll be at the CWIF again this weekend but unfortunately won't be able to compete due to a finger injury." He tried anyhow but after the semi he wrote, "Will see if I'll be able to climb tomorrow in semis. Depends how much my finger will be swollen..." In the semi, he did no good progress on the first three boulder but managed to do the last slab. In the final it was actually the same story again beside this time the slab was the third boulder. Runner-ups were Petra Klingler and Jongwon Chon and thirds were Michaela Tracy and Michael Piccolruaz.
If you listened to the TrainingBeta Podcast with Margarita Martinez, she talked about her favorite training tool: the Maxi-Pull. Essentially, the Maxi-Pull is a sloper hangboard that, because it is comfortable and relatively friendly in terms of your skin, can […] Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Maria WeisenbergerMaria Weisenberger
Just a few weeks ago, 19-year-old Margo Hayes made history by becoming the first female ever to climb 5.15a with her ascent ofLa Rambla...
Luzan Matyas has been obsessed with Action Directe since the beginning of 2014 and hsa only trained for this route. In 2015, he tried it and got injured immediately. In 2016, he destroyed his shoe once working out a new toe-hook sequence. Nowadays, he is training 10 hours per day mainly just doing boulders on the Moonboard followed by a rest day. Video doing Moonboard's up to 8B. "I just spend 10h in the gym and try to give it my best. What can I say, I love it. Honestly it's just getting through the pain but it's not so dramatic as it sounds now. It's fun, climbing with others and such." His plan is to soon start working on the AD replica again. In May, the Romanian with 8b as personal best, plans to go back to Frankenjura, living dirtbag life under AD, preparing and waiting for the best conditions. In regards the new beta, it is in the middle where he just before the crux, does a toe-hook over his head. He hangs there for some 15 seconds clipping, chalking and doing a very deep lock off, skipping the crux right mono, see right circle in the picture. "This is an easier sequence *IF* you have lock off strength and mobility."8a interview from 2015 Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Looks full of crazyLooks full of crazy run outs..
An 8a interview with Margo Hayes is coming up this weekend. Check out her flexibility and her crimping technique in the video below. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Kranjc relaxes at aKranjc relaxes at a bivy on Purgatory (VI 5.12+). Matic Obid. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Kneebarring is one sKneebarring is one skill that will make really steep routes, like Twisted Sister-- a brand-new line in the Bauhaus--go at the relatively moderate grade of 5.13a. Photo by Keith Ladzinski. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Katja Vidmar on ChoiKatja Vidmar on Choir Boys. Photo: Merrick Ales Photography
Matty Hong, who just did La Rambla 9a+, reports on Instagram that he has done another one, Joe Kinder's Joe Mama in Oliana. He did his first 9a+, Papichulo, one year ago. He also did 25 routes 8b+ and harder in 2016 and received the Sport climbing Piton from Climbing. How many sessions did it take and How can you best explain your step up in grades? It took me 5 days of work. I've been climbing more than ever this past year, I think just being able to spend more time outdoors has really helped my climbing and motivation. Finishing school was a big part of this. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news J'ai parfois la quesJ'ai parfois la question " comment faire pour faire des photos de grimpe ?" Très simple, tu es au-dessus ou à côté :-) cette photo a été prise sur le soleil de la Sicile avec Jildou dans " Pipeline' 7c à San Vito Lo Capo.
The IFSC is pleased to welcome Alessandro Di Cato, who is joining the Sport Department as Event Officer. He will be reporting to the Sport Director and overseeing the coordination of IFSC Departments and other IFSC internal and external stakeholders in the run up to Events.
Alessandro is Italian and will be based at the IFSC headquarters in Torino. After earning his Master’s Degree in Economics and Management, he gained experience studying and working abroad for the past three years, most recently in France for Systemd. In that time, he supported various facets of IFSC operations and attended multiple IFSC events.
Francesca Jengo, Director of Administration comments, "The IFSC is confident that Alessandro’s contribution will help the organisation continue to grow and develop at a time where it faces new and Olympic challenges".