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9 Tips for Coping with Anxieties of Life on the Road

Kamil Ferenc has been climbing very hard under the radar for some years, including seven 9a's and harder, but finally he agreed to come out commenting his latest 9a's. (c) Kasia Berbeka "My favorite country is Spain where I climbed most of my top routes – like Seleccio Anal last week. This is my 7th route of nine grade, my best OS is 8b+. I tried both Seleccio Anal and Natural for the first time in February this year but unfortunately I didn't finish them then. After a month of intensive training mixed with good rests I came back to Santa Linya to finish what I started. First day of April’s trip I tried Seleccio Natural – I felt my training give the result feeling stronger - quite surprised I send it second go that day. It was a good sign, as both routes have common start, Natural ends more easily. Second day was similar, after warm up I did one try to remind all moves and send Seleccio Anal second go on that day. The route was downgraded from 9a+ to 9a/a+ in Feb by my team colleague Piotr Schab. I don’t feel that experienced with the grade, tried only Papichulo out of 9a+ but I found Seleccio Anal easier. Anyway the route fits me perfectly, very much my style of climbing and I am really glad to send it. Hope will be able to jump to next level soon. This year will be exciting, I plan to take part in two editions of World Cup, than visit Flatanger and spend Autumn in United States."
We’ve been on the road for a little over 8 months and I’ve been thinking a lot about living life without fear and how...
Philipp Gaßner, who did his first 8c+ when he was 14 years old, has done his second, Pain makes me stronger, every day! in Frankenjura. "The route fits my style pretty well because it's short and bouldery with pockets. I just needed a few tries to stick the crux move that is a little dyno to a good pocket and to send the whole route. After my finger injury in 2016 I want to climb outside as much as possible. In summer my plan is to travel to Rocklands and the psyche is already high so let's see."
James Noble has made the second repeat of Mike Adam's new Bordello in Earth Quarry giving it a personal down grade to 8B+. Ned Feehally did the first repeat some ten days ago. "Very nearly broke me (literally), that's the hardest I've pushed my fingers on any problem. Used mikes left hand sidepull crimp sequence on the stand but a slightly easier sequence on the sit hence the personal downgrade. Still the hardest thing I've done."
David Firnenburg, who was #6 in the last Boulder WC, has done Chris Sharma's Practice of the Wild in Magic Wood giving it a personal 8B+ grade. "If I compare POTW with New Base Line for example I would say they are the same challenge more or less. Though, POTW didn't feel like a real 8C to me. Not like this significant step towards another higher level compared to the other 8B+'s I've done in the past. I really want to be convinced by the difficulty of a climb to call it my first 8C boulder." Last year, the full time psychology University student got the bronze in the Combined World Championship and the 21 year old is going for the Olympics. He also plans to do most of the World Cups in 2017. In the 8a Combined ranking game, the German is #6. "Bouldering and Lead work well. Slowly improving in every area in trainings. I started to train speed as well but need to integrate it more into trainings. My personal best last year was around 8,5 seconds." (c) Eddie Fowke
Alex Puccio has had yet another amazing day doing an 8B, 8A, 7C+ and a 7C flash in Leavenworth. (c) Joel Zerr of The tea cup 8B. "Wow.... had the most AMAZING first day EVER in Leavenworth! This place is BEAUTIFUL!! This line took me a couple hours or less. Sent Coffee Cup, Abstraction, The Practitioner and the Tea Cup all on my first day here, psyched for the rest of the trip!!!" The runner up in the Boulder World Championship 2014, is also runner up in the 8a ranking game. In total, the 27 year old has done 139 boulders 8A to 8B+, including four flashes which makes her the best overall female boulderer. In 2017, she plans to do the Boulder WC in Vail and Munich beside Arco Rockmaster and Adidas Rockstar. In the long run, she might also go for the Olympics. The next day she did one 7C+ and Monarch 8A on her second go, "Another good day in the woods. Should have been a rest day since my skin and body felt wrecked, but apparently the rain is coming tonight so forced rest day tomorrow! This place is amazing!!! :)"
Mile Heyden, who last month did her first 8B+, has done La Cicatrice de l'ohm 8A+ (B) in Fontainebleau. (c) Matti Stanek " I was able to do all the moves in the first session and it took me four to finally climb it. Two times I fall on the last move before the top out. My next plan is Magic Wood for three days if the weather gets better. Got some open project there like Pura Vida :) Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news 845 отметок «Нравитс
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Sometimes, the simple act of watching others climb can actually help you improve your own technique and skills … or at the very least,...
FloClimbing has based on the critiscism towards the USD 20 monthly to watch the streaming, commented. "We hear you, and we're offering a 7-day free trial for FloPRO subscribers on starting later today and lasting for the rest of this month. In addition, the archives for our April events will be available on-demand, without a subscription, three days after each event." Strangely enough, the link where you are supposed to click on to "Join", does not work. The live-streaming starts on Saturday 11.00 European time followed by the finals at 18.30. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news 534 отметок «Нравитс
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The new all-women production team, Never Not Collective, came to the 2017 Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival in Bishop last month to record and...
As one of the most highly anticipated


events of the year, 2017’s 24th annual American Alpine Club Hueco Rock Rodeo—held from February 10-12... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news 151 отметок «Нравитс151 отметок «Нравится», 2 комментариев — Abby.Rose920 (Abby Dandy.rose920) в Instagram: «After a great day


in Sedona #sedona#bouldering#girlswhoclimb#womenclimb#wildwomen…»
James Webb, the #1 flash boulderer in the world, has done it again with Blinded by the light 8B in Brione. In total, James has now flashed 14 boulders 8B and, as a matter of a fact, four stands as 8B+ in the topo. Yesterday, he also added two 8A+ flashes to his scorecard in Magic Woods; Jack's broken heart and Riders on the storm which most think is 8B. It total he has now done 32 boulders 8A+ so in fact, he is quite superior in the flash style. (c) Eddie Fowke
Christof Rauch, who the last three years has done more than 300 boulders 8A and harder has had a new strike. During the last week, he has done twelve 8A to 8B+, half om them FAs. Just during the last seven months, the full time electrician has done ten 8B+. "Yesterday I checked out a possible extension into my new 8B+, see picture, which is about 8A on its own. It's a really cool and supertricky crack with a little feet first double toe hook section. Freaky! I think this thing will definitely get the 8C. There are a lot of other projects around 8A-8B+ in this area as well. Beside that I don't have any hard projects at the moment. But if the weather is fine I'll maybe go for a week in Switzerland at the beginning of May." When it comes to doing multiple hard boulders, the 22 year old Austrian is probably #1 in the world. Interestingly, he got his first free climbing shoes this year. In total, Christof has done 445 boulders 8A and harder. The 8a member who has done the most 8A and harder is Paul Robinson with more than 800 listed. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (3) Of Choss and Lio(3) Of Choss and Lions - YouTube Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym... Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news (18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth ? … Recently, a new climbing gym...

(18.03.2017) Gravity is a myth