Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

Sunset over Grand Teton National Park, WY Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Roadside Basic 7A+/V7 at Cromlech <H1>bouldering</H1> in north wales....
Roadside Basic 7A+/V7 at Cromlech


in north wales. Weird climb really, I always tried to shy away from it as it was just so sharp but I thought it was finally time; went really smooth thanks to this training program we’ve started.
With the new release of the North Wales guide its gonna be some exciting climbs for us tourists to Wales, I always wondered about the other boulders around the popular crags but didn’t know the lines. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news The Best Bike Racks for Cars and SUVs by OutdoorGearLab
The experts at OutdoorGearLab tested a whopping twenty one products for twelve months in order to determine the best overall hitch, the best overall roof rack and trunk rack, the best buy hitch rack, the best bang for the buck roof rack, the top pick for versatility and capacity and the top pick for van life. Each model was scored based on ease of use, removal and assembly, versatility, security and durability. See the full review now live on Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news takemewithyer: From the October 1978 issue of Natural History...
From the October 1978 issue of Natural History Magazine. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sunset over Grand Teton National Park, WY
Sunset over Grand Teton National Park, WY Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sunset over Bellingham Bay
Sunset over Bellingham Bay Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sunset over Bellingham Bay Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news sublim-ature: Rocky Mountains, ColoradoZhonghua Meng
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Zhonghua Meng
The IFSC Youth World Championships concluded with the Combined final in In Youth A, a major qualification event for Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. Out of 20 finalists per gender, 13 male and 13 female athletes qualified for selection to these Games, in accordance with the rules listed in the qualification system, to be announced after the confirmation from the National Olympic Committees.
Speed finals took place on Saturday and results were determined by time, with two heats per athlete. Georgiy Morozov of Russia was the fastest male athlete, posting the only time below seven seconds (6.92). French star Sam Avezou joined the handful of athletes scaling the 15-meter Speed wall within 8 seconds, a group that also included Cristian Dorigatti of Italy and Chinese teammates DiChong Huang and YuFei Pan. Among female athletes, their compatriot YiLing Song registered the lowest time (9.05). Aleksandra Kalucka of Poland and Russian teammates Elena Krasovskaia and Luiza Emeleva also stopped the timer in under than ten seconds.
The Combined finals concluded today with the next rounds in Bouldering and Lead. Most finalists flashed the first problem, leaving the remaining three problems to determine the results. Half of the athletes maintained friction on the volumes of M2 to the top, including Nathan Martin of France and Filip Schenk of Italy. Both athletes continued their streak of flashes on the next problems, sticking the one-handed dyno of M3 and keeping their composure on the walk across M4 for a perfect scorecard. Martin maintained an edge in the Combined with a better Speed performance. For the female athletes, again almost every athlete topped the first problem and multiple finalists fought past the ladder of blocks on F2. Brooke Raboutou and Ashima Shiraishi of the United States joined three other stars at three tops after flashing the following power problem. Only Austrian Sandra Lettner topped all four problems, showing a diverse set of strength and technique on the last problem to take the lead in the Combined. Valentina Aguado of Argentina was the only other athlete to top F4 and placed second in Bouldering.
The towering Lead wall in Innsbruck was the final challenge for the best Youth A sport climbing athletes in the world. Shuta Tanaka of Japan set a high point on the burly last route which no finalist could match, finishing sixth in the Combined results. Avezou marched to within a few holds of Tanaka’s mark, taking the provisional lead in the Combined. When Keita Dohi of Japan fell short, Schenk needed second place or better to win the Combined. He climbed strong to equal Avezou’s score, but a slower time (3.58 minutes compared to 3.20) bumped him down to third in Lead and second in the Combined, handing Avezou the crown. Petar Ivanov of Bulgaria rounded out the podium with quality performances in all three disciplines. All eyes were on Lettner in the female final. She maintained her lead in the Combined, falling just beneath the high point of her teammate Eva Maria Hammelmüller. Raboutou matched Lettner, but again time separated the athletes (4.04 minutes compared to 3.45) and secured the Combined victory for Lettner. Shiraishi closed the competition with one hand slipping off the top hold for first in Lead, second in Combined, and Raboutou rounded out the podium in third place.
More highlights can be found on the event page, and please click here for the full Combined results. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Steps Taken Toward YOG Buenos Aires 2018
Scott Channing Hall — Squamish, BCInstall Theme Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Squamish, BC
Hey, so the Wallas cooktop/heater combo, do you like it? Would it work well for say a trip to Colorado in the winter to keep me warm in a well-insulated Sprinter van?
Hi Jaques,
I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the Wallas stove/heater because I’d never seen it before: the big advantage is never having to deal with a propane tank, as well as having a heater without having an additional heater. A big disadvantage is that 2 of our potential kitchen cabinet spots are dedicated to the electrical fuses and venting for it.
For me, I almost never camp in places that are cold enough to really need a separate heater–since I’m traveling to climb and BASE jump, if it’s THAT cold, I usually am somewhere else. I also really like cooking over a flame (propane or gas) because it’s so much more responsive and the Wallas has a pretty long heat up and cool down time (about 10 minutes on each side). As a result, I use an MSR Reactor as an electric teakettle option when we just want hot water (which I would probably do regardless of what stove I had, because the Reactor heats water in about 12 seconds….) But there are also times when I use the windpro for cooking, just because I don’t want to wait for the Wallas to heat up, and I wouldn’t do that if my stovetop was propane. So the slow startup time is a pretty big con for me.
We’ve also had a couple of moments where the Wallas acted finicky for a minute, and we realized that there’s a lot of engineering inside it, so it’s a lot harder to manage if it actually goes on the fritz, and I never really like that either. I like stuff to be as simple as possible, so that is an issue.
But the main issue for me with the Wallas is losing the majority of the potential cabinet space underneath it: there is a horizontal cabinet area underneath it (that I want to turn into a cutlery drawer) and a vertical cabinet area underneath/alongside of it that are being taken up by the electronic box, fuses and intake/exhaust. This is a pretty big space sacrifice in a compact kitchen area–I don’t necessarily need more storage space, but it’s always nice to have.
So after having used the Wallas for a couple of years now, I am looking to replace it with a standard 2 or 3 burner propane stove–it’s not a super high priority project, because I am generally okay with the Wallas, so it’s more of a longterm plan Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news ð&#159;&#153;&#130; There is a spot under the sink area in my van that can take a tall narrow propane cylinder, and taking out the Wallas will free up those two other cabinet spots under the stove for a cutlery drawer and a tall side cabinet.
In terms of the heating power, I have noticed that since the heat comes out at counter height, it does heat the upper portion of the van first, keeping the feet/floor area colder. Usually when I see people with propane heaters mounted in the van, the heater is set low for that reason. However I haven’t used it for very long or very much, as a heater. I think with the small size of the space, if you’re very well insulated, it has to heat the whole space if you leave it on for longer than a few minutes.
So as with everything, I think there are pros and cons, and it just depends on which ones fit your personal situation the best. I have some friends who have the Wallas and LOVE it. If you are doing a lot of cold weather camping and using a heater a LOT, and you like cooking on a stovetop that acts more like an electric stove, then the advantages and convenience of the Wallas (never having to fill propane really is a plus that is not to be taken lightly) might make it a good choice for you.
Hope that helps your decision!
The Speed climbing continued today at IFSC Youth World Championships Innsbruck and Russian athletes excelled, bringing Russia's medal count to 13, the most so far.
Youth A provided the audience with the first action on Sunday, as nearly 200 climbers attacked the distinctive red route in the hopes of a podium. YiLing Song of China set the lowest time of the day for the female athletes (8.63), earning her a spot in the final run. Aleksandra Kalucka of Poland answered with her own personal best time of the day (8.67) to win Gold after a slip from Song midway up the route. Russian Polina Aksenova completed the podium when her compatriot Elena Remizova false started.
111 competitors started in the men’s final. All three medallists set times under seven seconds, with JinXin Li of China besting American Noah Bratschi in the small final. In the last match, Russian teammates Georgiy Morozov and Sergey Rukin swept up the wall, and Rukin’s smooth run of 6.53 seconds was enough to win the gold medal over Morozov.
The following day, Milosz Bujak of Poland was among the fastest in Youth B finals but slipped low down the route in the semi-final against Russian Anton Kulba. Italian Jacopo Stefani and Kulba both stumbled in the big final, and Stefani recovered faster to claim the gold medal. Evgeny Kuzin of Russia finished two hundredths of a second quicker than Bujak in a tight small final to round out the podium.
Russia dominated the female final, with only Russian athletes advancing to the semi-final. Polina Kulagina advanced over Valeriia Slobodchikova with a clean run, and Daria Potapova bested Kamilla Kushaeva in the rerun following a tie between the teammates. Kushaeva rebounded in the small final for Bronze, and Kulagina set the first time under nine seconds (8.84) to win gold over Potapova in the big final. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Speed Victories Move Russia to First in Medal Race
Elizaveta Ivanova of Russia was quick all day in Juniors, registering the best time in qualifications (8.57) and more times below nine seconds in finals. She committed a costly false start in the final race against her teammate Daria Kan, who claimed the gold medal and scored the lowest time for female athletes in Innsbruck (8.34). Ekaterina Barashchuk made it an all-Russian podium after a slip from Claire Buhrfeind of the United States, who followed up her first place in Bouldering with fourth place in Speed.
The male final saw many upsets, with IFSC World Cup competitors Kostiantyn Pavlenko of Ukraine – who posted the best time in Innsbruck (6.37) - and Gian Luca Zodda of Italy missing out on the semi-final, as well as the quick Iranian athlete Ehsan Asrar. Carlos Granja of Ecuador and Korean Seungbeom Lee had no times above seven seconds, and Granja bested Lee in a very close big final for gold. American Michael Finn-Henry was also flawless in the small final, claiming the Bronze medal over Lev Rudatskiy of Russia.
12 days of nonstop sport climbing at the IFSC Youth World Championships continue with Lead climbing on Tuesday. We will be LIVE for semi-finals and finals on Thursday and Friday on the IFSC homepage.The schedule, results, replays, photos and more can be found on the dedicated Innsbruck event page. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Speed Victories Move Russia to First in Medal Race Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Speed Victories Move Russia to First in Medal Race Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news soundsnaked: Source: @septembrenell
Source: @septembrenell Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Sometimes you just need to put a little jump into it ☺️ ?: Sam...
Sometimes you just need to put a little jump into it ☺️

Slovenia is eurobasket 2017 WINNER!!!

acting cool around strangers is OUT being your true self even if it’s embarrassing is IN
i support being silly & silly culture Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news shout-tothemoon: adorableanimalss: Baby...

Baby hedgehog
@ninawilliams look at this angel tho Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Shot a couple months ago over at the roaches. Doxey’s pool,...
Shot a couple months ago over at the roaches. Doxey’s pool, right on past the upper tier and on the way to the skyline. Such a beautiful place; the pool is special because it never dries up. They say it has something to do with aqueducts running throughout the area.
Next week myself Metzger and will shall be heading up the the lake district for a week of climbing. As always if anyone’s around, don’t be afraid to hit us up with any recommendations.
Here to remind you that doing your best does not mean pushing yourself to your limits. There are times where we’re met with objectives that we were unable to accomolish despite having “done our best” … which usually means that we’ve pushed ourselves to our limits and have perhaps even exceeded them. This practice is harmful and unfair to yourself.
When I say, “I did my best,” I do not mean that I pushed myself excessively or that I ignored my limitations. It means that I did everything I could do, excluding anything that could have jeopardized my mental health and emotional stability. Too often, do we feel that we didn’t do “enough” because we didn’t reach our breaking points whilst fulfilling an objective. This way of thinking usually arises when we fail at tasks, it is violent thinking that needs to be unlearned. You shouldn’t have to break yourself. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Second session today at Black Rock :)
Second session today at Black Rock :)