Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

I miss these comps! Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news @katellev151515 doing all the work as I try not to fall over in...
@katellev151515 doing all the work as I try not to fall over in Annisquam over the weekend. Two of @craigasaurus and my best friends got hitched and we had a blast during their adventure wedding weekend which included bonfires, river surfing, kayaking, SUPng, and hanging with great friends. #Massachusetts #kayak #sheexplores #outdoorwomen (at Annisquam, Massachusetts)
Article by Keith Nadeau
Have you ever dreamed of a magical forest filled with thousands of rocks from a volcano? Well… it exists. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
Pawtuckaway State Park is located in both Nottingham and Deerfield New Hampshire. The park is about nine square miles in size and its three mountains form a ring dike from an extinct volcano. The boulders are considered glacial erratics meaning that glaciers moved the rocks from one point to another while they were passing through. Well marked hiking trails run through the whole park providing great access to most of the climbing areas, and get used by many non-climbing outdoor enthusiasts as well. Visitors also come to the park for its seasonal campground and lake. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
The park has many different climbing areas which are all unique in their own way. The rock is all granite of different types and includes many styles of holds. Some holds can be sharp and easily destroy skin, but it will prepare you well to climb on most any other rock type and feel comfortable. The climbing throughout the park is filled with mostly every grade, style, and height. This is great because there are climbs for everyone no matter what grade or degree of risk the climber is interested in. Dedicated climbers in the past have left us a playground of challenging adventures through decades of their hard work by establishing hundreds of climbs to choose from. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
The three premier areas are Boulder Natural, Devil’s Den, and Blair Woods. The spots have the highest concentrations of quality established problems in the park. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
Boulder Natural has something for everyone from short to tall and every grade from V0 to V12. It is especially good for first time climbers because the landings are usually safe and the rock isn’t as sharp as other areas.
Devil’s Den has a boulder field that sits directly below a large cliff. Some boulders are very tall with dangerous landings so certain climbs require extra pads and spotters. The best problems here are in the V6 to V9 grade but it has many other problems down to V0 worth climbing on.
Blair Woods is known to be one of the harder spots to climb in the park. The rock can be very sharp and some of the grades climbers disagree with, but this area will teach you unique movement. The footholds are primarily very small, and the sequences are subtle. The classic climbs here range from V0 to V13. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
All of these areas are fairly easy to get to using hiking trails if you look up directions. There are countless other areas in the park to explore including many more established areas, and undiscovered rock waiting to be found. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
Mountain Project is a great online source for up to date info on most of the climbs. There is also a guidebook you can order online that has all the established climbing in it including rope climbs. It is important to make sure you have enough pads and friends to spot for the climbs you want to do. It is possible to go climbing alone with two pads and have a great time, but to stay safe it would be smart to limit the risk factor and only climb small rocks with safe landings. Climbing taller rocks should only happen when there are enough pads and spotters to be prepared for a fall. Try to focus on assessing every situation and the consequences of a fall before you are in too far. Plan for how you will fall if you don’t stick a move, and talk with your spotters about what they will do and where they will be to help you. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
Most people agree that fall is the best season at Pawtuckaway. It brings bright colors to the trees and the temperature starts to drop. When the temperature gets colder the rocks create better friction and people climb harder. The crisp conditions will make the slopers you fell off all summer feel like Velcro. It doesn’t last long before winter hits, but that’s what makes it such a special season. The summers are a time to avoid at the park due to the heat and insects. Early summer is especially bad for bugs and can feel like torture. The middle of winter is the only other time to avoid because it can become too cold. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
Before hiking into the woods be sure to pack anything you may need. Things like appropriate clothing and shoes, water, food, nail clippers, climbing tape, chalk bag, brush, headlamp, fully charged cell phone, and crash pads to name a few. Sometimes a moving blanket to cover snow or mud is helpful. While enjoying your day outside it is very important to remember your impact on the area. Bring a bag for your garbage, and collect points against your friends for who can pick up the most litter. Clean up before leaving an area by removing chalk marks on the rock with a brush. If you need to go to the bathroom it should be far off trail and buried. Also being respectful to other people and wild life by staying relatively quiet and not harming any animals. Just try to use common sense and appreciate that we are lucky to have access to such an amazing place. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news image
Keith Nadeau is our Assistant Route Setter for Massachusetts
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Located at 30 Old Colony Avenue, our South Boston location opened its doors in February of 2015.
With over 10,000 sq ft of continuous climbing surface, it is our largest facility and home to the Boston Boulder Brawl! Known to most climbers as the B3, it is a short wall (bouldering) competition with a unique, “last climber standing,” format.
Come visit our facility for a day of climbing. No experience is necessary and unless you are booking a climbing technique lesson, anyone can simply walk in. We’re open every day from 10am until midnight and our friendly staff will show you around and teach you everything you need to know to enjoy our facility. Our full retail shop is a great place to try on equipment, but feel free to rent the gear you need for the day. Finally, we have great membership options and any day pass can be upgraded to a membership.
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Once a month, we’ll pick a few problems of a recent reset at one of our gyms and give you some beta to try out. While there are multiple ways to crush a problem, if these are giving you a hard time, try this beta on for size.
In this episode, we are featuring the Lincoln, RI Gym’s new set.
RI Regional Route Setter, Danny Howard “DH” tells us all about his advanced technique course in a parody infomercial before Sydney climbs a V1 set by our Director of Wall Design and Head Route Setter, Mike Dominguez “Mig.”
Afterwards, Danny sends a V4 that features our new and improved banister holds, set also by Mike.
Finally, Danny sends a fun V5 with an intense dyno set by new route setter, Alex Wells “AW.”
If there are any other problems you’d like to see beta for, please let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to get you beta before the next reset posted to your local gym Facebook page.
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I miss these comps! #TBT #ThrowbackThursday