Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

Electric Africa (5.12c R) Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news ninawilliams: Electric Africa (5.12c R): A Minor Epic —– I...
Electric Africa (5.12c R): A Minor Epic
I searched for my next nut placement. The afternoon light had faded and the holds had disappeared with the sunset. Pumped and runout, I jammed the stopper into the crack, placing a crap piece.
I climbed three feet higher and found the right placement. I pulled out the nut at my feet to adjust it, realizing I was back on the sharp end: 20ft above my last bolt with potential for decking. I jammed the nut into the supposed better placement… it was worse.
“You didn’t fall here before,” I thought, breathing deeply. “You have to keep going.” I knew there was a placement for a micro stopper above me. James took pictures a few feet away, offering calm encouragement. It was just a few feet more. Keep moving. Keep moving. “Aaaggh… Goddammit.” I felt the survival mode, soloing mentality kick in. Keep moving. I found the micro placement and slid the nut in. It looked… Okay. Just okay.
I took a deep breath. 15ft of unprotected climbing remained but the mental stress was lifted. I kept it together, clipping the chains with only slightly-hysterical laughter.
“That was a little sketchy,” I said to James. The experience felt far away now that I was back on flat ground. He raised his eyebrows in response. “Yeah… That was fuuuuucking sketchy, Nina.”
Solo up to an overlap with a crack (easy) and clip the first bolt follow a couple of cool holes to another bolt and then get your slab on. There's a higher crux as well.
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That face when bae comes over to snuggle.

Technical pocket climbing on El Sombre del Viento (8a).

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