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Make your Climb Unique with High Quality Hang Boards

Having a good time learning to climb is easier than ever when you build your own climbing wall. When you have a climbing wall that you can use any time you want, you make an amazing, adventurous activity accessible at any time. Many kids love learning to climb and figuring out how to get up and down the wall as fast as they can. What makes climbing even better is that with the right holds, you can build kids climbing walls that are customizable, making it easy to increase or decrease the difficulty at will. At Atomik Climbing Holds, we are here to help you make this a reality by offering all of our products at great prices and combining it with helpful advice from people who have been in the sport for years.

Rock climbing is something that isn’t just fun, it also helps keep us healthy and youthful. We have focused our business on making

rock climbing

as accessible to as many people as possible, selling hand holds and other parts to make

rock climbing

successful for people of every age range and ability level. You will also get our dedicated support when building your own wall from scratch. Our experience building walls for home and gym use will help you save money and sidestep many of the common problems that even experienced climbing wall builders may run into. For more information about kids climbing walls, please visit our website:
Atomik Climbing Holds is the one stop store for the highest quality hangboards.  Hangboards support and help climbers to climb safely and correctly. We provide you a Lifetime Warranty on climbing holds.  Our Holds are made of Polyurethane, Grade 8 washers embedded into holds and Textured grips which feels like clean sandstone. We offer quality, super small holds, small holds, medium holds, large holds, XL holds, XXL/XXXL holds. The hold adds on the artificial wall to make your climb easier.
The hold can be attached on a wooden or concrete wall. For a unique & secure climbing wall, contact us today. All our products are available at an affordable price.  Visit our website to see our full range of products.  
Our hold screw rail offers you great grip and support for your hands and feet while climbing. Your safety is our prime concern. Experience a hassle-free and enjoyable climb with our products. Our manufacturing facility is located in Provo, Utah and was established in December 2002. You will be provided with, Paperless invoicing ( save a tree ), Waterless production system ( save a lake ) and other green services. We are a member of the Climbing Wall Association and Association for Challenge Course Technology.  Feel free to visit us at, to learn more.
Start on good incuts on the bottom left of the overhang, and make a big move out out right to start the problem. Continue on positive holds with heel hooks to the apex of the lip, and top out. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news "Ryan
Submitted By: Steve Guard
Location: CO : Buena Vista : Nathrop Blocks : Aloe Vera Boulder
The crux comes early, but its standard to combine the first "pitch" (.11a; 11 clips) and second pitch (.10c; 8 clips?) into one ~170 lead with a buttload of 5.10 climbing. Bring a draw for the mid-point anchor if you combine pitches. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news "Doug
Submitted By: andyf
Location: WA : Southeast Cascades & Yakima : Tieton River : South Fork Cliff : Astral Wall
Start on the same incuts as 3rd Degree Burns on the bottom left of the overhang. Pull up to the arete, and follow it all the way to the top.
Submitted By: Steve Guard
Location: CO : Buena Vista : Nathrop Blocks : Aloe Vera Boulder