Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

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I’m never growing up. Who’s with me? I forgot how much fun it is to swing as high as you can and then lean back! #outdoorwomen #sheexplores #optoutside (at Hendricks Park) Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news opencrag: Charlotte Tricklebank re-doing her first outdoor...
Charlotte Tricklebank re-doing her first outdoor climbLast Wrights V3/6A’ at Churnet Valley!
Personally this was the hardest 6A I’ve ever done! Maybe its just not my style.
Climb straight up the obvious crack system in the center if the face. Climb #4 0n the "topo/sketch" posted to "Diagional Crack".

The first few feet seem to be the same as "Cyan Line", then "Cyan" branches to the right.
Submitted By: Robert Hall
Location: NY : Adirondacks : Bluff Island
This is a super easy slab with a couple cracks that offer a variety of pro placements. This was mainly a route set up to teach the placing protection, not worthwhile as a climb in and of itself.
Submitted By: Nat D
Location: International : Asia : Mongolia : Terelj : Buuveit Camp Area
Positive hold for both hands and feet whole way up. 2 Anchor bolts
Submitted By: Rick Blair
Location: CO : Leadville : Camp Hale : Practice Wall
This small ledge sits above the big roof in the Adventure Roof area at the left end of the crag, near the SCC property boundary. A few nice sport climbs can be done starting off this ledge. The ledge fits 3-4 people comfortably.
Submitted By: Chuck Parks
Location: AL : Yellow Bluff
Future Rumney of the ADK? Probably not, but but Beaver Brook (also known as Hardy Road) is one of the few sport climbing spots in the ADK. Not a destination crag, but definitely worth a half-day or post-work session. 10 or so routes from 5.9 to 5.12+. Steep vertical face climbing on edgy sharp rock.

East facing cliff. The bugs can be especially nasty here given the bog below in the valley. The best climbing here is in the fall.
Submitted By: perrotr
Location: NY : Adirondacks : Wilmington Region
This is an ideal warm-up crag which also is one of the perpetually dry crags. It is just overhanging enough that the rock stays mostly dry (except in a few spots), but not overhanging enough to protect the climber from the rain. The belayer has a bit of shelter under a minor overhang at the base of the routes on the left.
The rock gets sun in the mornings.
Submitted By: Shawn Heath
Location: International : Europe : Germany : Frankenjura : Pttlachtal (East of Potte...
South facing 200+' tall gneiss crag a couple of miles NE of Burge Mtn (on Forest Service land). Small but wonderfully isolated with rock similar to Burge - yet also taller and steeper with potential for harder routes.

One big plus; no rattlers, same as at Burge.
Submitted By: applewood
Location: WA : Okanogan
This ger camp is in a small half-moon valley in the southeastern side of Terlej National Park. There are at least 4 decent routes here, I was only there for 4 days of climbing, so each day my buddy and I tried to put up a new route.

The rock can be very loose and breaks off easily so we had to spend a ton of time cleaning, so only one pitch of one route was completed to the point where it was done as a clean trad lead. The others listed we attempted via top rope, with some cleaning, but never done start to finish as a trad climb.

We were working with some beginning climbers so we focused on easy routes. There are absolutely some 5.10c++ lines in the area, but we never attempted them.

Climate/Weather: Very open, no shade on the rock. Can get very windy and suffer from extreme cold in the winter.

As stated before, the rock is flakey. The freeze/thaw is extreme in Mongolia, annual temps from -60 to 90, and daily variations of up to 50-60 degrees. With no cloud cover or shade, the direct sun can cause freeze thaw even when the temps never get above 0. In may, it was not uncommon to go from -10 to 75 to 10 to 60 to -10 all within a 24 hour period. We often were able to pull hunks of rock off the mountain the size of basketballs with moderate hand strength. That being said, if you look around you can find places to put pro that are safe, but they are possible few and far between. Best bet is to bring lots of big gear, Camalot #3 and bigger, and stick to the large crack systems.

To the west of the camp is a large monolith that has some bolts that have ripped out and are hanging by chains. These were on a very slabby looking route we did not try and climb. Just north of this monolith are some short chimney routes that can be top roped. To the east of the camp is a large ridge line with one established trad route with potential for more. To the north of the camp is another ridge that I didn't explore much.
Submitted By: Nat D
Location: International : Asia : Mongolia : Terelj