Rowerowa sztafeta, jakiej jeszcze nie było. Dookoła świata!

Big Basin State Park

In 1975 three Rockies legends scoured The Bow Valley in search of the next great aid line. At the time, they were preparing themselves for a very early repeat of the Shield on El Capitan in Yosemite, and hoped to find the perfect training ground close to home. The Shield is a thin, technically challenging seam, and the three local boys (found in this photo below), finally discovered what they thought would be the ideal line, a rare and steep splitter finger crack on a blank wall.
Unfortunately a snow storm prevented them from reaching the crack itself, and they retreated from the second pitch, leaving behind some classic Chouinard knifeblades and shallow Cassin bolts. Some of which we removed for Kallen’s collection, other’s we left in place for protection for future free ascents.
Urs Kallen, Rob Mitchell and Billy Davidson never returned to the climb on Little Goat Mountain and it sat uninterrupted for 39 years.
Two days ago, Jon Walsh, Sam Eastman and Myself hiked back up to the route and I made the first free ascent. Although the climbing wasn’t as challenging as it looked from the ground, it gave me great pleasure to finish what was started in the Golden Era by 3 inspiring hard-men of the day.
The line goes at 5.12-, and we called it..”1975″.
Enjoy the pictures by Jon Walsh photography and stay tuned for more details as the story (hopefully told by Urs Kallen himself) unfolds. Thanks y’all for making this come to life. So stoked. Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news Rock climbing and bouldering pictures and news 1975
My favorite weekend of the year is happening in three days, the annual 5Point Film Festival! I’ve writtenabout itmany times, now in it’s 9th year, it’s always an incredibly inspiring event, filled with amazing stories from all over the world. It’s also wonderful to see friends from all over as the tribe gathers in our little town to celebrate life and all the adventures it brings.
All three nights are sold out, which took some locals by surprise, and it’s safe to say that 5Point is firmly on people’s radar as an event to be at. (There are tickets left for several of the afternoon programs.) Hopefully see you there!
Also, I’ve been getting some questions from folks who are coming to town about where to climb right now. Winter is having a hard time letting go this spring, though we didn’t get any of the snow in town that the Front Range just got. With sunny but cool weather forecasted for the weekend, here are your best bets (with links to beta).
Main Elk – sunny walls and fun climbs from 5.7 to 5.13.
Narrows – hit the walls that get morning sun and then when it gets too chilly cruise back to town for the festival.
Redstein – if you are looking for something different, check out this cliff. With sun until early afternoon, conditions should be prime.
Frying Pan – if you have most of the day, head up to this sunny cliff for a great mix of sport and trad lines.
Similar exposure to Gong Show (afternoon shade). It is only 0.8 miles further up the road.
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Here are some of the pre-existing state descriptions with some fun facts about specific areas of Germany.
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More of a hiking area, some climbing in multiple places in the park. Sandstone similar to castle rock state park, often crumbly. Still a nice addition to your hike.
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